Forever Young: Pepper Ann

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Pepper Ann Pepper Ann, Marching in her own parade. Pepper Ann she’s like one in a million!

She’s her own biggest fan, Pepper Ann-nnnnn.

Quote from dude at a party last night: “Pepper Ann was a crazy bitch”

Listen: Alex Anwandter “Como puedes vivir contigo mismo”

“How can you live with yourself” en español. This. IS. SO. FUCKING. GOOD. Holy shit. New favorite song. Freaking out. It just makes me wanna twirl dance around my whole house in sequins and fur. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It’s Chilean pop. HOLY SHIT.

It’s reminiscent of Scissor Sisters, but stands alone by itself so well too. OMFG.

Thanks K!!!!!!

Fashion: Abba Platform

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I love it more because the name ABBA is in it. They even, dare I say, look kinda comfy? At least for heely type things! Plus, just imagine how lightweight they are since they are made from cork! But fo real, $115 for cork shoes?! Are you kidding me? That’s like charging a shit load of money for a cardboard dress. What the what. Anyways, these would look sweet under a long skirt, colorful top and hair in a bun on top of the head. Right?!

Listen: Kodacrome “Dance Malady”

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Check out this live studio version of “Dance Malady” by Kodacrome. It goes from cray to cray cray to crazy sexy cool right before your eyes. It’s also cool to see an electronic group doing their thing live instrumentally. If you dig, check out some of their other electro tunes over at their website, because their other songs are bag of fun electropop goodies.

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Netflix nightcap: Saturday Night Live


It’s electric! And awkward.

All, absolutely all episodes of SNL are on Netflix now! Plus some Best ofs like Will Ferrell, Chris Rock, Chris Farley and Jimmy Fallon.

Of course I haven’t watched absolutely every episode of this crazy long and successful series. However of the few early epsiodes I’ve seen, I recommend checking out the second episode of the first season, where Simon and Garfunkel come together again for a live show and completely let the world know exactly how tense it was between Simon and Garfunkel. It is cultural and musical gold. I really wanna check out the ABBA episode because they are pop royalty in my eyes.

Last time I checked, the later seasons of SNL, meaning the most recent ones, don’t show the musical guests. I’m assuming this is due to copyright bullshit that some jerk suits are throwing a hissy fit in the middle of the grocery store over. Eye roll!

Nevertheless, we can relive every episode ever of our favorite and not-so-favorite actors and actresses either killing it or embarrassing themselves. Also, whenever you’re feelin’ blue and need some female funny empowerment, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, Liz Lemon Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig are just a couple of hilarious clicks away.

10 Terrifying Reasons Why You Should NEVER Get High On Bath Salts

I fucking love bath salts. Not for a weird high, but for my skin in the bathtub. Imma be pissed if crazy bitches who can’t just do the regular drugs ruin my bath experience by gettin’ this shit banned at stores. This may be one of them few few few times in my life where the sentence “Why can’t you just snort crack?” makes perfect and logical sense. Don’t snort bath salts y’all, just sprinkle them in your tub for smooth skin. Pick up a bottle of wine if you must. Trust me, it’s a lot nicer than snorting bath salts and eating a man’s face, and then being shot to death. Cheap wine ain’t that bad.

Next these turd munches will snort roasted beet salads and stolen truffle oil for their fix. Fuck that. Please don’t snort things I love.

10 Terrifying Reasons Why You Should NEVER Get High On Bath Salts.

Listen: Haphduzn & Dimitry Killstorm “Brand New Nostalgia”

“Skinny jeans, can you believe this shit?”

Take a listen and a look at Haphduzn & Dimitry Killstorm’s “Brand New Nostalgia”. It’s Minneapolis hip hop done crazy good. I don’t know Dimitry, but I have met Haphduzn (pronounced half dozen, I was confused for like a week at first) when he performed with my friend Illab as the fab duo Conflict of Interest. Super nice and super cool dudes, check everything out!

Celebrité: Chris Brown’s new song title is shocking

Who the fuck in their right mind would ever believe a song called “Sweet Love” by Chris Brown? I guess if “Sweet Love” means “I’m a Fucking Dick” then he’s got it spot on! He is such a butthole sniffer, seriously. Beats the shit out of Rihanna, calls her a slut in a song, and then releases a song called “Sweet Love”. I’ve got some more realistic song titles for good ol’ CB to work on:

I Suck

I Don’t Deserve Anything I Have

My Fans are Delusional

I Don’t Sing Live (But I’ll Dance a Lot and Look Tired Doing It)

Remember When I Beat Up My Girlfriend (Me Too)

Jerkface (Imma get me some of dat)

I’ve seen everything now. Good Lord. Oy vey. Mamma mia. Dios mio. Chris Brown needs to please stop everything he’s doing. His anger issues, Rihanna, Good Morning America and God knows what else, are so sketchy man. Why is the industry promoting him? People make mistakes, but this guy is a fucking piece of dirty gum stuck inside a truck stop toilet that people are still chewing on. Gross. In the words of the great Liz Lemon, “I reject Chris Brown’s comeback!”

(and yeah, that is a video for Sisqo. The chord progressions are cool)