This is cool: Great Wall of Vagina

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UK artist Jamie McCartney made a wall of vaginas. And it’s fascinating. Because you never really get to see a vagina like this anywhere. Just hanging out, not performing but just being a vagina. It’s awesome. And they all look so different! I had no idea vaginas could look like some of these.

Jamie made a polyptych full of vagina castings. He used over 400 real-life vaginas ranging from ages 18 to 76. Check out the rest of the vaginas here!

This is cool: Ugly babies

THIS. IS. AMAZING. So many ugly babies. I love them all even more for being unabashedly ugly. You go, babies!

Babies are so fucking cute, even when they are ugly as shit.

Rough night and a future mug shot frequentee.

Those are MURDER eyes.

This baby might be excused due to just coming out of a holy V. Nobody looks good after that. What you look like after being born is like the denim outfit of life. It looks good on no one.

Check out more below, they are totally worth it.

25 Damn Ugly Babies – Holytaco.

This is cool: Girls Paper Dolls

OH MY GOD. YES. I would actually play with these Girls paper dolls way more than the Downton Abbey paper dolls. Holy holy moly, these are fun!! Whoever makes these over at Vulture is fucking AWESOME.

PS Jessa’s paper doll does not do her crazy cool clothes any justice. She looks like a drunk grandma!

Ok, Marnie’s is hilarious.

Girlfriend needs to work on her posture!!

This is cool: The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

Yeah girl, your webisodes rock. Image via

My great friend Kayla just introduced me to these little jems of joy. I want to spoon cuddle J (main character), write lyrics about shitty ex-boyfriends and stay up all night talking for hours together.

According to the ABG website, there are plans to turn this web series into a half hour sitcom! How cool! I love how Youtube opens doors for creative and talented folk like Issa Rae to get the attention they deserve.

Check out the first two videos. They are short, sweet and will make you fall in love with the best ABG. The car thing in episode one happened to me today.

This is cool: Longterm Relationship Barbie

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Maybe Mattel should start coming out with more realistic Barbie scenarios for young girls, to give them of little preview of what’s to come in life. Instead of dream houses and amazing careers, how about these:

 Coke Hangover Barbie: Because you shouldn’t do drugs from a stranger in a club

Lost Your Job Barbie: Because the economy took a nasty downturn

 Pregnancy Scare Barbie: Because Ken is a dipshit and didn’t wear a fucking condom. Murder him for insurance money, then use it for the abortion

Breakup Barbie: Ken’s threatening double-suicide and has a copy of all your keys


Can’t Pay Rent Barbie: Hookin’ on the streets for cash

Alcoholic Barbie: Beats Ken within an inch of his life when he takes the last of the gin

 Yay for toys!

This is cool: Britney Spears, NSYNC, VMAs 1999

NUFF SAID. This is what I miss in pop music. Choreographed heavy dancing to amazing, Max Martin produced pop music. Ahh, to be in the 90s/pre 9/11 years. I will never forget this era of pop music. Never ever ever ever!!!

This was American pop at it’s height of perfection. Eat your heart out, Katy Perry!

Milkshakes and yards: A retrospective

Image via Nylon Mexico

Remember Kelis? Remember singing this song in high school and being like “What the fuck is she saying?!” but feeling cool anyways because it was high school and anything neat made you feel like a rockstar?

SUMMER ‘012!!!!!