Fashion: Abba Platform

Image via Nasty Gal

I love it more because the name ABBA is in it. They even, dare I say, look kinda comfy? At least for heely type things! Plus, just imagine how lightweight they are since they are made from cork! But fo real, $115 for cork shoes?! Are you kidding me? That’s like charging a shit load of money for a cardboard dress. What the what. Anyways, these would look sweet under a long skirt, colorful top and hair in a bun on top of the head. Right?!

Fashion: Madden Girl wedges


LOVE these wedges. They are relatively comfortable. However, absolutely no heavy cardio shall be had by wearing these fabulous babies.


My foot is totally like “fuck you, seriously?” And I’m all “fashion hurts babies. Sry.” Cut to 2 hours later “I HATE MYSELF!!!!! BUT THEY’RE SO CUUUUTEE!!!!!!”