Amazing: Honey Boo Boo’s uncle Lee Thompson aka Uncle Poodle on bullying

I think this family is going to make an impact on the average Joe of America. Think about it: they are not a glamorous representation of society a la RHOWhatever. They are self-described rednecks who live very average lives in the south, but have a tv show because they are charming and into pageantry. My thought is that any redneck/southerner/generally horrible person who is a homophobe but has a knack for reality TV on TLC (which is a little gay), might identify with these folks and become a more accepting, better part of society. We can only hope.

Honey Boo Boo God save the South.

This exists: for your Facebook newsfeed gets rid of unwanted babies


Instead of this (this baby is cute though, if only there was a filter for ugly babies)

You get this:

Pretty genius, right?

Now if only this was a life app for unwanted children.

Need an abortion? Replace your fetus with limited edition Cadillac prints from the 1970s!

I can see the future so clearly.

How a Woman’s Orgasm Can Save a Man via Jezebel


What an amazing picture (so true) and an interesting article on female orgasms and the possible rise of men who feel less like pieces of shit ’cause they actually know how to please a lady.

The comment section of this article is interesting too, because the topic of faking orgasms is brought up. Faking orgasms will make us lose the fight against the terrorists, ladies. Plus it makes dudes think they are good at something they clearly are not. Honesty is key, especially when you’re naked.

How a Womans Orgasm Can Save a Man.

DIY: Beat the heat with frozen towel wraps!

Here’s DM using the Minneapolis towel method, or MTM.

If you live in America, or anywhere that is hot as FUCK right now, you are going to love my friend Sarah.

I was introduced to the most fascinating cooling method since wetting the back of my neck and sitting very still (I learned this in Chile). This new method takes that idea even further, delving into areas once unimaginable to the common man: a wet, frozen towel neck wrap.

Normally reserved for freezing the least popular kid’s underwear at sleepovers, this method has been resurrected in parts of Minneapolis as the new technique to beat the sweltering, hundred degree heat.

Frozen Towel Wrap


Genius. Pure genius.
  • Small hand towel, bandana or any fabric you can get wet and freeze without ruining
  • Water
  • Freezer

First get a small towel. Bandanas work too, but they don’t hold the cold as long as a small towel does. Get it wet, and then fold it into a U shape. Put it into the freezer and wait until it freezes. When it’s frozen, take it out and wrap it around your neck. I swear to God, you’re going to die from pleasure. It was absolutely the most comfortable, cheap and soothing ways to beat the heat, ever.