Forever Young: Carson Daly and Tara Reid

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Talk about dodging a fucking bullet! If you’ve seen pictures of them recently, they both aged a little eccentrically. Carson is super thin and we all know Tara Reid had some knifey fun that went awry, which sucks because she looks like she has all the right curves and a sunny, pretty face.

Don’t do plastic surgery kids!! Unless you get Madonna’s surgeon. Fact.

Fashion Icon: Saved by the Bell

The Saved by the Bell kids had great style. They were constantly running from Mr. Belding in chic dresses and heels, dancing or hanging out at The Max in ballerina skirts, skateboards and sneakers.

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I love Lisa and Kelly’s style so much. And the incredibly 80s moped. Love it.

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Oh Kelly Kapowski, I would wear this tomorrow in a heartbeat. Snow, grey skies and all!

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Jessie, the studious gal. She could have at least worn a colorful blazer. Serious folks can have good style too!! Good binder though.

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Let’s hear it for the boys! Zach Morris 4ever.

Happy Valentimes Day!!!


Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!!

Happy League of Women Voters Day!!!

Happy Lawrencium Day!!!!

Happy first diesel-powered submarine Day!!!!!

Happy Asbestos Strike Day!!!!!!

Remember, our dearest February 14th doesn’t have to just be about love. It can be about remembering the Canadian Asbestos Strike, the birth of Anna Howard Shaw, or the first diesel-powered submarine.

Or, you could simply be thankful this is (or isn’t) waiting for you at home after work. (Only if he had a good cabernet sauvignon)

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Or maybe you’re super in love and this is going to be your heart all night long.

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Or maybe you’re fresh out of a crummy relationship, and you’d rather pull one of these.

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Or maybe you’ll be sharing these with a “friend”.

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Or maybe you’ll simply curl up on the couch and remember that, more than anyone, the Hoff still loves you.

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No matter what your status is on Valentine’s day, just know that it’s a day to celebrate all kinds of love. Even if it’s your undying love for David Hasselhoff circa his Baywatch years, or wearing a single pair of fundies.

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 Valentine’s Day dos for everyone:

Do Watch: 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, Clueless, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Night of the Living Dead

Do Eat: Thai, Italian, French

Do Drink: Red wine, but beware of wine lips

Do for Dessert: Chocolate or whatever is best on the menu (or in the freezer)

Do Sing and Dance: Yeah, you heard me. Have fun. It’s simply a delight!

Valentine’s Day don’ts for everyone:

Don’t Watch: A documentary on civil war or Sophie’s Choice

Don’t Eat: Indian, hamburgers, chicken

Don’t Drink: too much. It’s a Tuesday… and possibly a date!

Don’t for Dessert: I’m drawing a blank.

Don’t Sing and Dance: If your dance moves have gotten you dumped before, start the place on fire and GTFO. And for the love of God, if you must dance, don’t do the sprinkler or any awful straight man dance like that. Nobody thinks it’s spontaneous and carefree. Nobody.

Social Butterfly: When Netflix is better than people

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We've all been there. Fortunately, it doesn't have to ruin your night! Photo via

Let’s call it the Netflix Nightcap.

We’ve all been there: Sitting at a party where the conversation isn’t really your cup of tea, you are single and everyone there is in a deadend relationship (that they sadly haven’t realized yet) or worse- you’re surrounded by young republicans with a self-righteous penchant for red meat and Tucker Carlson.

Netflix: Where everybody knows your na-a-ame (and viewing preferences). Photo via
Netflix: Where everybody knows your na-a-ame (and viewing preferences). Photo via

Sometimes, you just have to chalk it up, say your polite farewells and do what will make your night 10 times better: Netflix, baby. Can you remember a time before Netflix? When, God forbid, you were forced to rewatch actual DVDs instead of streaming them (30 Rock or anything with Leslie Knope)? I shudder at the mere thought.

Instead of cringing your way through conversations with people who wear too much plaid for their own good, imagine: It’s just you, at home, N-flix, and a warm blanket peppered with snacks and diet soda. You get to pick whatever you want, whether it be a delightfully shitty rom-com (anything with Katherine Heigl), action (Terminator), period piece (Downton Abbey ftw), documentary (the origami one) or Cheers (Ted Danson rocks).

That could be you. Image via
This could be you. Image via

So the next time you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a tired and pointless conversation with acquaintances you hope to God don’t add you on Facebook (there should really be a three hangout minimum), just remember that Netflix instant is waiting for you at home, with a barrel of laughs, tears, or just a simple warm hug of personalized entertainment.

20 something tip: Furniture store hangouts

This could be you at Crate and Barrel. Photo via
This could be you at Crate and Barrel. Before you get kicked out for being a freeloader. Whatevs, it's a recession! Photo via

If you ever find yourself becoming sad about your lackluster surroundings, have no fear: Furniture stores are great places to hang out.

Are you a fainting couch? Photo via
Are you a fainting couch? Photo via

The key to spending some time around nice furniture and sitting on nice couches is to first call a friend. There’s nothing better than sitting on new furniture with a friend.

Go to Starbucks or your favorite coffee store. Get a coffee. Get caffeinated.

Find a furniture store that holds you dream pieces, like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware or Crate and Barrel. Walk inside. Browse.

After you’ve successfully browsed kitchenware, picture frames and chandeliers, make your way over to the couches.

Pick a couch that looks both stylish and comfortable. It can be difficult to choose between style and comfort; selection discretion is advised.

Or do you prefer a wrap around? Try them all! Photo via
Or do you prefer a wrap around? Who cares! Try them all! Photo via

Lay back, and have a wonderful conversation with your friend while sipping your fabulous coffee and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

If any staff appear, greet them and casually say something positive about the couch. Then move on to another one in a different section of the store.

After you’ve tried all of your select couches, or your coffee has run low, give the store one more walk-through and then be on your way.