Fashion Icon: Saved by the Bell

The Saved by the Bell kids had great style. They were constantly running from Mr. Belding in chic dresses and heels, dancing or hanging out at The Max in ballerina skirts, skateboards and sneakers.

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I love Lisa and Kelly’s style so much. And the incredibly 80s moped. Love it.

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Oh Kelly Kapowski, I would wear this tomorrow in a heartbeat. Snow, grey skies and all!

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Jessie, the studious gal. She could have at least worn a colorful blazer. Serious folks can have good style too!! Good binder though.

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Let’s hear it for the boys! Zach Morris 4ever.

20 something tip: Furniture store hangouts

This could be you at Crate and Barrel. Photo via
This could be you at Crate and Barrel. Before you get kicked out for being a freeloader. Whatevs, it's a recession! Photo via

If you ever find yourself becoming sad about your lackluster surroundings, have no fear: Furniture stores are great places to hang out.

Are you a fainting couch? Photo via
Are you a fainting couch? Photo via

The key to spending some time around nice furniture and sitting on nice couches is to first call a friend. There’s nothing better than sitting on new furniture with a friend.

Go to Starbucks or your favorite coffee store. Get a coffee. Get caffeinated.

Find a furniture store that holds you dream pieces, like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware or Crate and Barrel. Walk inside. Browse.

After you’ve successfully browsed kitchenware, picture frames and chandeliers, make your way over to the couches.

Pick a couch that looks both stylish and comfortable. It can be difficult to choose between style and comfort; selection discretion is advised.

Or do you prefer a wrap around? Try them all! Photo via
Or do you prefer a wrap around? Who cares! Try them all! Photo via

Lay back, and have a wonderful conversation with your friend while sipping your fabulous coffee and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

If any staff appear, greet them and casually say something positive about the couch. Then move on to another one in a different section of the store.

After you’ve tried all of your select couches, or your coffee has run low, give the store one more walk-through and then be on your way.