Listen: Kodacrome “Dance Malady”

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Check out this live studio version of “Dance Malady” by Kodacrome. It goes from cray to cray cray to crazy sexy cool right before your eyes. It’s also cool to see an electronic group doing their thing live instrumentally. If you dig, check out some of their other electro tunes over at their website, because their other songs are bag of fun electropop goodies.

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Listen: “Modern Man” by Kodacrome

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String the ducks along, lose your taste for charms

Then when things go wrong, make a joke in order to be strong.

Start at 245, end at 542

and when you arrive, ring the bell, cuz that’s what grown boys do.

Don’t be soft, like the hands of the modern man.”

This song changed my life for like 3 minutes in my car.