Hit Miss Mess: Teen Choice Awards


Style at the Teen Choice Awards and Lea Michele’s tribute to Cory Monteith

Style at the Teen Choice Awards was full of weird shit and a couple of gems. But first, a non-fashion related highlight: Lea Michele’s tribute to Cory Monteith after winning best comedy actress:


A very sweet tribute to her late BF, co-star and heartthrob for teen theater kidz everywhere.

OKAY dry your tears now and focus: there was some really great style at the TCA. But also some really bad shit. Like, the worst shit I’ve seen in a VERY long time. The stuff made of nightmares. READY?!


Lily Collins (and sort of Bella Thorne)

EEEEP!! I LOVE Lily Collins outfit. That print is killer and totally vibin’ with the TCA. It’s fun, young, and totally California all while managing to still be chic. That’s a lot to fit into one outfit, but it definitely works. HOWEVER, yikes on the fact that Lily and Bella Thorne are wearing the EXACT SAME PRINT in different styles. I like Bella Thorne’s look too. It’s very Zach Morris meets a back alley, valley girl-on-girl mustache ride. HAWT. But Lily wins.

enhanced-buzz-20084-1376277139-17 enhanced-buzz-26183-1376276720-19

Avan Jogia

I don’t know who this is. But I love that he is pairing black with brown (or he has a kickass stylist) That ‘no black with brown’ rule is SO TIRED. Really. Who cares. It manages to give all black or all brown ensembles a fresh kick in the ass. Love it.



Abigail Breslin

WHAT! She is almost unrecognizable. Everybody’s favorite cute child star is growin’ tha fuck up. I have no idea what look she was going for here though. But hey-you’re bound to have a billion some style missteps as a teen. The dress looks like a fabric-happy homecoming dress. JUST SAY NO TO PLEATS BABY GURL. Also, the shoes blend in a little too well with her super fair skin, and same her white blonde hair. It’s summer, girl! Have you not been out on your bike, or swimming?! I can’t tell if her hair color looks bad because of her outfit or if she needs to get a role where they force her to have auburn hair. Lookin’ washed out is never in style, unless you’re going for heroin chic. Otherwise, get some low lights. And a better stylist plz!



Ashley Benson

Oh dear god. This might be the worst outfit I’ve seen all year, and I live in the midwest. Good Fucking Lord.

To start, It doesn’t look like it fits properly on top, but it could just be the camera angle. Secondly, what the fuck is going on with the second third of the dress? The fabric is bunched weirdly at the waste making it look like she just pulled a Ke$ha and peed on the curb before walking the red carpet. Who knows! This might be peplum’s drunk cousin with a weak bladder. And the lower third of the skirt/dress/abomination is SO HORRIBLE. Are those sequins, AND lace, AND a third skirt thing underneath? Who the fuck made this dress? and WHY? Fuck terrorists, homeland security needs to get on whoever terrorized teen viewers with this shit.

 This is the worst dress I’ve ever seen.



Fashion: H&M gives students 15% discount on fall fashionz FUCK YEAH



Fall or back to school shopping season is the best season of the year. I like it so much more than Christmas shopping. Like a billion times more than Christmas shopping, because you get to pick out exactly what you want to look like for fall (instead of stressful Christmas shopping and getting drunk and crying in front of your family).

I am on the edge of my seat waiting for fall clothes to make their triumphant seasonal debut. While shopping with a friend a couple of weeks ago, we got to see some of the fall season’s bags at Fossil before they hit the floor and I WAS STUPIDLY ECSTATIC. I don’t even shop at Fossil, but it was super fun to see a couple of bags that hadn’t been released for public touching yet. It’s the little things, people.

Anyways, this morning as I’m checking H&M‘s website to browse what kind of awesome shit I can wear this fall (sweaters! boots! falling in love at a coffee shop with a brown-haired dude to the smell of pumpkin!) I found their AMAZING discount for students. Take in your ID and get 15% off. I am so excited about this. I’m actually legit going back to school in the fall, but my college ID also has no expiration date. I’m assuming a lot of folks’ universities don’t have an expiration date on them, bc duh why would they. So, if you still have a college ID laying around your sad or awesome apartment, that means GOD IS LOOKING OUT FOR YOU.



Coat with Quilted Sleeves, $59.95

This jacket screams awesome eyeliner with a side of really pissy but self-righteous attitude. A must have for fall ’13!


Shirt Jacket, 39.95

This is perfect for the “I think I might look like a meth addict. Gimme a chai latte and also I’m not tipping” attitude.


Short Dress in Jersey, $17.95

Ah yes! The “I’m gonna steal your wallet but AFTER you buy me a whiskey ginger cuz I’m not a total dick” look. FAB.


Knit Sweater, $12.95

The “if there isn’t a cranberry muffin left i’m gonna murder your chia pet” sweater. Love!


Sweatshirt Dress, $24.95

The “I’ve got a Ph.D. so STEP OFF LOSER” outfit. Smarties can dress crazy good too, y’all!

I hate rich people: Miley Cyrus Edition

Image via hollywoodlife.com

Gotta love the mega rich. It’s so much fun watching them spend crazy amounts of money–and wear money outfits now!– during an economic recession. Way to go, Miley. BRAVO. YOU’RE SO EDGY AND RICH.

The national unemployment rate is currently 7.6%.

Fashion icon: Temple Grandin


Temple Grandin has mad style

Her. Shirts. Are. AMAZING.

Temple Grandin is definitely someone I want to learn more about. The little I know about her is this: she is an autistic woman who works as a scientist in humane livestock handling processes. She loves animals. She is really famous in the science world and in popular culture for her work in animal rights. That’s it. Also, Claire Danes played her in an HBO TV movie titled “Temple Grandin” that I must must must see soon. Catherine O’Hara is also in the flick. Can I get a hell yeah? (it’s on my brother’s HBO GO thingy, so SCORE, I have plans now.)

As the smallest cherry on top of an amazing life and important career, I really love her style. Her shirts are western chic meets animal rights fashionista. What’s not to love about that? Wouldn’t her shirts be cute with skinny jeans and riding boots? GOD I LOVE HER. Check out all of her killer shirts below.


Prairie sophistication.


The three dogs add so much style. Love it.


THE COLORS. The details!


Is that satin? SILK?! VELVET??! Chic.


Love her. Wonderful style, big heart, great brain. We could all stand to be inspired by Temple, whether it’s with our own personal style or our dreams. AMEN.

Fashion: Morality Crisis album release show was HOTTTTT

The Morality Crisis album release show (with Enabler, Nerves, Hardcore Crayons and SVOBODA) for their latest release “Boats” at the Triple Rock last night was AWESOME. Drum sticks were movin’ like that pencil trick from 4th grade and the energy was VIBRANT AS A MUTHAFUCK. Not only is Morality Crisis one of the KOOLEST bands in Minneapolis, but they have some fuckin’ STYLIN fans. Everyone looked rad as fuck. I can’t remember half the names because we got TURNT UP, most of the shoes are cut out bc I don’t know what I’m doing and the pics are blurry, late night iphone snaps. BUT FUCK IT, CUZ Y’ALL ARE HOT. Here are some of my fave looks from the nite.

I was really drunk when I talked to her. SWEET LOOK CUTE MYSTERY GIRL
I was really drunk when I talked to her. SWEET LOOK CUTE MYSTERY GIRL




Kool Dude
Kool Dude
Luann + Shelby
Luann + Shelby
Nick + Wyatt
Nick + Wyatt
Sarah wearing a color! Hooray!
Sarah wearing a color! Hooray!
Christ, muthafuckin' drummer of Morality Crisis
Christ, muthafuckin’ drummer of Morality Crisis
David + Rachel
David + Rachel
PAIGE (!!!)
PAIGE (!!!)
studded vests are IN. also too drunk to get his name
studded vests are IN. also too drunk to get his name




Jimi is the coolest
Jimi is the coolest
Kate's backside was all the rage in the ladies bathroom
Kate’s backside was all the rage in the ladies bathroom
amazing earrings!!!! again too drunk to get the name
amazing earrings GF / again too drunk to get the name














Fashion icon: Justin Bieber’s leather shirt


I love this outfit. That leather shirt is rad, gold chains are always fun and the hat adds a little team spirit. You can take away someone’s self love by booing them in extremely public places, but you can’t take away their style! Way to go, Biebs. Werk that leather shirt n gold chains. And be good plz.

Fashion: Top 5 picks from my fave online store Nasty Gal

Internet shopping beats my mom’s window shopping any day. I get to sit on the couch, eat chips, listen to the Arctic Monkeys and look at a bunch of clothes I’ll never buy because I am always super underemployed and spending all my money on going to restaurants because A GIRLS GOTTA EAT WELL. Anyhow, here are my pics from all the latest finds at one of my favorite online stores, Nastygal.com.

Lighten Up Dress, $42



I love this dress so much. The whole look in fact. It is simple enough to go with any jacket for spring or even tights underneath if you are stuck in a northern spring-winter like I am. The red lipstick looks awesome with the light blue color too. Hawt.

Caddy Platform Sneaker, $128



WANT WANT WANT. NEED NEED NEED. I have been DYING to find some platform shoes. I was really trying to look for some wedge sneakers, but all of them looked so disgusting in person. Either they were poorly made or the colors were off. These are perfect because A) cold chains rock and B) platforms make me feel like the adult I always thought I’d be, because I’m finally of age to dress like a Spice Girl.

Empire Shades, $40



I need to be 3 mimosas in on a sunny patio, like NOW.

Hot Flare Dress, $42





This would be so cute with nude lipstick, a high bun and ankle boots. The back detail is awesome. It’d be such a weird tan line if you were sitting outside all day, but then your excuse would be “look at this great fucking dress DUH”.

Gianni Versace Couture Silk Blouse, $398


The day I can spend $398 on a couture silk blouse will be a weird day. In the meantime, this shirt rocks. I don’t like it with the leather/pleather pants however. The shirt is so springy and the leather throws a harsh vibe in. I love mixing patterns and materials, but this one makes me uncomfortable.