Fashion: Top 5 picks from my fave online store Nasty Gal

Internet shopping beats my mom’s window shopping any day. I get to sit on the couch, eat chips, listen to the Arctic Monkeys and look at a bunch of clothes I’ll never buy because I am always super underemployed and spending all my money on going to restaurants because A GIRLS GOTTA EAT WELL. Anyhow, here are my pics from all the latest finds at one of my favorite online stores,

Lighten Up Dress, $42



I love this dress so much. The whole look in fact. It is simple enough to go with any jacket for spring or even tights underneath if you are stuck in a northern spring-winter like I am. The red lipstick looks awesome with the light blue color too. Hawt.

Caddy Platform Sneaker, $128



WANT WANT WANT. NEED NEED NEED. I have been DYING to find some platform shoes. I was really trying to look for some wedge sneakers, but all of them looked so disgusting in person. Either they were poorly made or the colors were off. These are perfect because A) cold chains rock and B) platforms make me feel like the adult I always thought I’d be, because I’m finally of age to dress like a Spice Girl.

Empire Shades, $40



I need to be 3 mimosas in on a sunny patio, like NOW.

Hot Flare Dress, $42





This would be so cute with nude lipstick, a high bun and ankle boots. The back detail is awesome. It’d be such a weird tan line if you were sitting outside all day, but then your excuse would be “look at this great fucking dress DUH”.

Gianni Versace Couture Silk Blouse, $398


The day I can spend $398 on a couture silk blouse will be a weird day. In the meantime, this shirt rocks. I don’t like it with the leather/pleather pants however. The shirt is so springy and the leather throws a harsh vibe in. I love mixing patterns and materials, but this one makes me uncomfortable.


Fashion: Girly girl

Girly girl

Sportmax silk dress
£284 –

Oasis pleated dress
$75 –

Jane Norman military coat
€56 –

Jason Wu short shorts
$795 –

High heels
£62 –

Genuine leather handbag

Chanel bag
$2,195 –

Oscar de la Renta multi chain necklace
$1,150 –

ABS by Allen Schwartz gemstone earrings
$65 –

Jigsaw bangles jewelry
£39 –