Fashion icon: Temple Grandin


Temple Grandin has mad style

Her. Shirts. Are. AMAZING.

Temple Grandin is definitely someone I want to learn more about. The little I know about her is this: she is an autistic woman who works as a scientist in humane livestock handling processes. She loves animals. She is really famous in the science world and in popular culture for her work in animal rights. That’s it. Also, Claire Danes played her in an HBO TV movie titled “Temple Grandin” that I must must must see soon. Catherine O’Hara is also in the flick. Can I get a hell yeah? (it’s on my brother’s HBO GO thingy, so SCORE, I have plans now.)

As the smallest cherry on top of an amazing life and important career, I really love her style. Her shirts are western chic meets animal rights fashionista. What’s not to love about that? Wouldn’t her shirts be cute with skinny jeans and riding boots? GOD I LOVE HER. Check out all of her killer shirts below.


Prairie sophistication.


The three dogs add so much style. Love it.


THE COLORS. The details!


Is that satin? SILK?! VELVET??! Chic.


Love her. Wonderful style, big heart, great brain. We could all stand to be inspired by Temple, whether it’s with our own personal style or our dreams. AMEN.


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