Full “What Not to Wear” episodes are on Youtube. There goes your life

Image via ew.com

HOLY SHIT. HOLY FUCKING MOTHER OF A SHIT. Yes. Yes it’s true. Stupid TLC doesn’t have full eps of one of the most brilliant “hey, make yourself feel better by shopping and not looking like shit!” shows ever, What Not to WearBut have no fear: a simple google search between a bored and tired roommate/bff will uncover a HOT LOAD of amazing hot mess for us all to watch from our sweatpants pristine outfits and old boxed wine nightly cocktails. Because really, it’s better to be on the observational side of constructively bitchy than on the horrible, plaid corduroy downward spiral that is being 32.


2 thoughts on “Full “What Not to Wear” episodes are on Youtube. There goes your life

  1. Thank you for that! I haven’t seen the show in years, because of the fact that you mentioned above about the show not being available on TLC’s website and my not having a TV. Off to watch now!

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