Fashion: i like but don’t love Prabal Gurung for Target

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I wasn’t SUPER SUPER impressed with a lot of what was in Prabal Gurung’s line for Target. It was all colorful and fun, but you’ve gotta hold back a little on the fun when you’re working with cheap materials, otherwise it starts to look TOO FUN i.e. 7th grade future hooker. BUT I LOVED the shirtdress and had to buy it. It looks so perfect on. The faux leather collar is really what sold me. That and the colors. And the fact that it’s February and we need to spend money to feel something.

Anyways, this dress is awesome.

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However, this skirt looked cheap as fuck. The print is rad but there’s just something about a bottom of lace that kills me in bad ways.

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This was also really ugly on the rack. Maybe it’s one of those shirts that looks good on. Probably not though.

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This looks really cute although I did not see it in stores.

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Look out, Etsy. Lilyshop lets you post homemade goodies fo’ free

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OOOO!! A handmade, online market throwdown! Not really, but can you imagine the furious crocheting?! Needles and tangled string EVERYWHERE! Like a muppet murder mystery, but with a business-saavy edge.

Meet Lilyshop. Like Etsy, she’s an online marketplace to sell your homemade goods. But unlike Etsy, you don’t have to pay a listing fee, and you can list and re-list as many items as you like. However, they do charge a 5% sales fee only on sold items, which is nice for those of us who make questionable crafts we think people will buy but they never do. Read: Regretsy.

I’m not sure how long Lilyshop has been around, but this no upfront fee seems like a pretty smart move. There’s nothing people love more than posting free crafts to sell! (Just kidding, but it’s a definite plus) Being able to post this or this or this and not have to pay anything if it doesn’t sell is a God send to struggling craftspeople around the globe. Who knows, maybe the paper mache belts and handbags made of Zac Efron photos will hit it big one day!

Fashion: Cher Lloyd

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WHAT A CUTE OUTFIT!!!!! I want that skirt. These are similar and probably much more in the 20 something price range.

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Hot. $19.80. But will the zippers work? Forever 21 has the worst zippers ever.

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$16.50. Not bad. Although I haven’t thought about Delia’s since the catalogs I never ordered from but somehow always got as a teen.

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$22.50. So higher-end-20 something. I like it.

Pro-uterus crafts at Etsy. F you state rape and woman hating legislation!

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Oh my God. YES. With all this enraging abortion talk, the sparky gals over at etsy have made some amazing crafts centered around our most prized possessions: Our uteri. Amazing! Check out the best ones over at Jezebel.

Legislators Got You Down? Cheer Up With Uterus-centric Stuff from Etsy.

Fashion: Shopping for work clothing nightmare

We all love shopping. It’s euphoric. It’s new, fresh and exciting.

Except for when I was shopping for work clothes for my new job. (yay!) I was absolutely appalled at what I found. Here’s the story.

Going to the local mall in my hometown (mistake number 1), I decided to check out some stores that would probably have pants and slacks that are appropriate for work. My only reasonable choices were Macy’s, Express and New York and Company.


Let me start off by saying that Macy’s has gone so much downhill. I thought Macy’s was supposed to be a NICE department store. Instead there were literally letters falling down from designer sections in the store, broken displays everywhere and the worst, outdated and cheapest bathrooms I’ve seen in a very long time. I don’t know what they’re thinking. Who wants to buy Chanel perfume out of a rundown glass case? Gross!

They have some okay, albeit it way overpriced shit. So I got some stuff on sale. At least their clothes aren’t as shitty as the next two places I went.

"Johnson, I'm sorry but you didn't get the promotion." "But why sir?" "Well, it's your butt crack. It's always showing. And frankly, the board is not pleased." Image via


My next stop was Express. I had bought professional pant attire from Express before. However, this time I was shocked at the cheap quality and selection of pants. First, they had low-rise “editor” pants. Who the fuck in their right mind needs a low-rise work pant? Buttcrack Professionals of America? Second, the material was some stretchy, polyester-y blend of whatever they make clothes out of at Maurices. Disgusting. On top of it all, they charge $70 for one pair. I’d rather eat 70 one dollar bills than spend them on those pants.

Also, have their designers met human bodies before? Women aren’t packing penicular heat, so all the extra crotch space is kind of unnecessary.

New York and Company

As I strolled out of Express horrified, I thought I’d look in New York and Company because I had never been in there before. Their clothing looks kind of professional in a boring, white lady republican sort of way. But pants are pants, I thought. To my complete non-surprise, these clothes were in worse condition than anything in Express and even more expensive. Shitty zippers, seams a-mess everywhere I looked. So I ran and never looked back.

These ankle-length pants from H&M fit amazingly and are perfect for work-and spring! Plus they are around $15. Fo real. Image via

It’s outrageous that these places charge  THAT much for their shitty products. It’s no surprise everything in our malls comes from Asia. We know small asian people are working all day for the price of one gas station coffee. And that in itself is another topic. The shitty clothes are not their fault. It’s these terrible companies that charge WAY too much for their clothes, when the people making their clothes aren’t getting paid anything.

At least at Forever 21 and H&M, pretty much the two cheapest places a girl can look fly, we aren’t vastly overpaying to some asshole company. We know what we’re getting at Forever 21. Yeah, the zippers may not work all the time but hey, at the very least they are aware of their shitty products and charge accordingly.

I ended up finding everything I needed at H&M that was way cheaper and better quality than anything at Express and especially New York and Company.

Moral of the story: Don’t shop at those overpriced places. Tell your richer friends and moms to not shop at those places if they are unaware or blind. Because you might as well get the exact same or better things at H&M than overpay at Express or the travesty to the state of New York’s name that is New York and Company.