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Tess Weinberg, Marcella Flame Wallace & Nick Larkins Perez



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Celebrité: Carly Rae Jepsen is 26 years old. For real

Girl, your skin is flawless. Image via

Carly Rae Jepsen is 26. What. the. fuck.

WHAT THE WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding me? Seriously? Come again? Carly Rae Jepsen is 26 years old. Whoa whoa whoa. I thought she was 15!!!! My mind is blown. We all know it’s a catchy song, but Jesus. Is a 26 year old really singing the teen anthem for phone calls? Moreover, this bitch can go to BARS?! Where are the drunk pictures of her stumbling out of Canadian bars (didn’t know she was Canadian either!)??? Maybe she doesn’t party, but shit. She probably does. She’s 26 and she has number 1 single in many countries around the globe. She’s probably getting so many free drugs and bottles it’s obscene.

It’s such a simple song and a simple message, that it’s almost kind of weird that she’s 26 and not 15. Definitely an appropriate teen anthem, but for the love of god, 26?! I’m weirded out. Shouldn’t you have more complex things to sing about by that age? Has she lived in a bubble? And hasn’t she learned to tell people to fucking call her instead of asking with indecision? Nobody likes a wimp. Pick a dude, tell him he’s in girl. You got enough looks for that. Change the song to “Fucking Call Me Dick (But Only If You Have A Job)” and then it will be age appropriate.

This person is 26.

Forever Young: Alex Mack

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The Secret World of Alex Mack. In yo face.

What I wouldn’t give for a dump truck filled with nuclear waste to almost run me over and spill toxic chemicals all over my body that give me special powers. Nuts.

Remember how creative tv was in the 90s? Yeah. We should get back to that.

Also, remember how hot it was when she morphed into goo and all her clothes came off, but Ray, her bff would never look, but you know he really wanted to?

I can’t remember if they ever did, but I REALLY wanted her and Ray to fall in love. Fuck Disney for that one. Friends can happen across sexes. GENDER IS A CONSTRUCT. So is caffeine!

Listen: Purity Ring’s new single “Fineshrine”

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Purity Ring is going on tour with Dirty Projectors this year. And from what I’ve heard, I’m into their electronic phazy haze shit. Like you’re the coolest bitch in your dream and everyone must pulsate to your blood flow because you are queen, but you’re over it. Yeah? If you like, download the single here!!

Cue apocalypse: Fake bang headbands for baby girls who don’t have lots of hair

Oh my god. Oh my god. Really?! You know, babies tend to not give a shit about anything except discovering life and putting dirty things in their mouths and throwing up on people (that was yesterday awesome). How weird and insecure of the parents to dress their kid in a WIG so people can tell that it’s a girl. WEIRD. JUST TOO WEIRD. I’d rather watch two girls one cup again than see a baby wearing bangs so the mother isn’t insecure about something that absolutely does not matter.

Let the babies be babies for god’s sake!

Also, can you imagine how hilarious and embarrassing it will be when these kids grow up and realize their mom made them wear a wig? I can already feel the therapy bills. Neat!

Baby Bangs! |


So we’ve really resorted to making fun of lonely people trying to find love? Okay! I feel only a little bad. But if you’re gonna be super weird and bring up precum on the internet with a bunch of strangers, then you’re pretty much doin this shit to yourself.

Check out the rest of these boneheads at OKCUPID ENEMIES.

Minneapolis: Check out Seyah’s EP release and debut show

Image via Facebook

Are you totally dying to hang out tomorrow night? Just go fucking nuts? You’re also craving downtown street parking and me people bumming cigarettes from you. Don’t forget about the “sign my shirt” guy, because he’ll probably start talking to you. But don’t be a dick and steal his marker unless you are a total piece of shit.

Check out the debut performance/EP release of Seyah at 7th Street Entry. 5 bucks, 18+ with a storm of other performers including Marcella Flame Wallace, who will be dancing onstage with Seyah, Phillip Morris with Scarlet MonkLizzo & The Larva InkSophia Eris and DJ Connie Hawkins.

This show if gonna fuck the shit out of you, sonically. Not to mention there will probably be a lot of attractive people floating around, dying to get their d’s wet to some mpls beats. See ya there!

Activism: Elderly woman bullied by kids; donations for her vacation via Indiegogo

OH my god. Kids are the absolute worst. Seriously. This woman is a bus monitor who gets paid $15,506 to monitor some of the biggest fucktards on the planet. And they berate her by calling her fat and poor. Way to respect your elders and thank them for looking after your safety, kids!

I’m so glad for the internet. A) Because society as a whole can shame the kids who are making fun of an old lady. B) Nice people understand she has a lame job and needs a vacation.

You know what, I understand that parents can’t control absolutely everything their kids do. But seriously? Being disrespectful to the elderly is right up there with animal sacrifice and hearts made of coal. This is a problem.

Moreover, anyone working with shitty fucking kids should get paid. A LOT. MORE. Because kids are shitty (especially the shitty ones) and they don’t know anything. Fact.

Lets Give Karen -The bus monitor- H Klein A Vacation! — Indiegogo.

Black Harvard student kicked out of bar for being black; Social media to the rescue!!!

Being racist is fucking lame. Jonathan Wall, a Harvard man who happens to be black, was kicked out of a bar in Raleigh, North Carolina for being black. Yes this happened, yes this is 2012, and yes social media is kicking the shit out of this bar and racism in general. YAY!

Of course, this happened in North Carolina, the SOUTH, where they don’t care about much except hating everyone who isn’t white, christian and toothless being a total drag.

Not to say that EVERYONE in those states is like this; there are racist people everywhere regardless of geography, gender, race, etc. However, it’s to a much higher degree in the states like North Carolina that really wanted to keep slavery and unequal societal statuses for everyone!

I feel sad for racists and homophobes. I pity them. Carrying all that hate in your heart is bad for you. Carrying hate for anything is bad for you. There’s no excuse!

Black Man Kicked Out of Racist Bar: Cops Dont Help, But Social Media Does.