So we’ve really resorted to making fun of lonely people trying to find love? Okay! I feel only a little bad. But if you’re gonna be super weird and bring up precum on the internet with a bunch of strangers, then you’re pretty much doin this shit to yourself.

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Interweb: Sexy People Blog

Remember the 80s and 90s when the world was less overpopulated, the internet wasn’t massively born yet and pictures like this happened in the future shitty malls of America?! Some are cute, some are horrifying, and some make you glad your mom never actually forced you to go into Glamour Shots (although she asked nicely threatened it a couple of times). Embarrassing pictures are a national, even international pastime. Maybe that will bring world peace. Everyone uploads a most embarrassing photo, we laugh, we cry, we hold each other until the sun sets. Or someone makes fun of someone’s unfortunate head shape and a nuclear bomb goes off. This world is just so crazy y’all.

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A Celebrity’s Death Really Brings Out the Jerks


“I was never really a fan of her music. Yet, I’m sad for her, and I am sad that yet another person didn’t have a beautiful and graceful final curve to their life arc. I’m sad that the world still looks at addiction and other mental illnesses as stigmas. I’m sad every time I read or hear someone state “fuck them” when they see a person falling hard. I then get angry, because everyone who says “fuck them” is creating a barrier between those in need of help and the resources they desperately need. “Fuck them” prevents people from admitting they can’t fix their life on their own. “Fuck them” is what causes governments to cut funding to mental health facilities and programs. “Fuck them” is what causes families to be afraid to seek help in the community, or to give up after the first few backs have been turned.” 

A Celebritys Death Really Brings Out the Jerks.