Cue apocalypse: Fake bang headbands for baby girls who don’t have lots of hair

Oh my god. Oh my god. Really?! You know, babies tend to not give a shit about anything except discovering life and putting dirty things in their mouths and throwing up on people (that was yesterday awesome). How weird and insecure of the parents to dress their kid in a WIG so people can tell that it’s a girl. WEIRD. JUST TOO WEIRD. I’d rather watch two girls one cup again than see a baby wearing bangs so the mother isn’t insecure about something that absolutely does not matter.

Let the babies be babies for god’s sake!

Also, can you imagine how hilarious and embarrassing it will be when these kids grow up and realize their mom made them wear a wig? I can already feel the therapy bills. Neat!

Baby Bangs! |

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