Black Harvard student kicked out of bar for being black; Social media to the rescue!!!

Being racist is fucking lame. Jonathan Wall, a Harvard man who happens to be black, was kicked out of a bar in Raleigh, North Carolina for being black. Yes this happened, yes this is 2012, and yes social media is kicking the shit out of this bar and racism in general. YAY!

Of course, this happened in North Carolina, the SOUTH, where they don’t care about much except hating everyone who isn’t white, christian and toothless being a total drag.

Not to say that EVERYONE in those states is like this; there are racist people everywhere regardless of geography, gender, race, etc. However, it’s to a much higher degree in the states like North Carolina that really wanted to keep slavery and unequal societal statuses for everyone!

I feel sad for racists and homophobes. I pity them. Carrying all that hate in your heart is bad for you. Carrying hate for anything is bad for you. There’s no excuse!

Black Man Kicked Out of Racist Bar: Cops Dont Help, But Social Media Does.

Forever Young: The Pope

OMG, the Pope recently rallied against gay marriage. I’m so outraged! JK. Is that really news anymore? Isn’t it more like, someone’s sweet, old racist grandpa talking and saying things that we don’t agree with but we think it’s nice he’s still around to tell us what life was like in 1910? Oh Pope, you’re so silly. Stop being rude or we’ll steal your gold hat and we won’t give it back.

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That’s a pretty sick hat though.

Be nice Pope! Maybe in 200 years the pope will love gay marriage. Girls can dream.

Activism: Gay marriage bill PASSED in Washington State Senate!


Yup. Photo via
Yup. Photo via

This is some good news for a change. The Washington State Senate has approved gay marriage. Amazing.

You know, with the divorce rate in this country and so many celebrity marriages and divorces, the excuse that marriage is a religious and traditional sanctity reserved for the ever so pious man and woman union is redic. A large number of straight people have been shitting on marriage for a long, long time. Why not let EVERYONE shit on marriage?

Or, more positively, have some more people unite in monogomous relationships?

Plus, you know once more and more states pass gay marriage, because it absolutely will and is inevitable just like the civil rights movement, there are going to be so many gay wedding reality shows on TLC and E! that will entertain us to no end.