Minneapolis: Check out Seyah’s EP release and debut show

Image via Facebook

Are you totally dying to hang out tomorrow night? Just go fucking nuts? You’re also craving downtown street parking and me people bumming cigarettes from you. Don’t forget about the “sign my shirt” guy, because he’ll probably start talking to you. But don’t be a dick and steal his marker unless you are a total piece of shit.

Check out the debut performance/EP release of Seyah at 7th Street Entry. 5 bucks, 18+ with a storm of other performers including Marcella Flame Wallace, who will be dancing onstage with Seyah, Phillip Morris with Scarlet MonkLizzo & The Larva InkSophia Eris and DJ Connie Hawkins.

This show if gonna fuck the shit out of you, sonically. Not to mention there will probably be a lot of attractive people floating around, dying to get their d’s wet to some mpls beats. See ya there!

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