Movies: The Great Gatsby is lookin’ fierce!

Check this trailer. God the 1920’s look so fucking cool.

Movies: Avengers is equally awesome

GOD DAMN this cast is PRETTY. Image via

I loved, loved, LOVED how Scarlett Johansson wasn’t overly sexualized as women regularly are in movies, especially action tales. Her boobs weren’t staring you in the face trying to mug you all throughout the movie. They were like a nice hug on a Saturday instead. Captain America had tighter pants on than ScarJo, I swear. Regardless, everyone in that movie looked AMAZING, equally aaaaand Loki is a jerk. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s the perfect theater movie to see. DO IT! It’s already made like a bajillion dollaz. Way to go Joss Whedon!!!

Netflix nightcap: Sidewalls (Medianeras)

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Medianeras: Buenos Aires in Times of Virtual Love

This movie (by Gustavo Taretto) is about two people who live in Buenos Aires, Argentina who both have a lot of phobias and fears, live next door to each other but don’t know each other, and are perfect soul mates. It sounds like something a brunette-haired Katherine Heigl would LUV to star in. But it’s actually a nice look at city living and love that could literally be next door.

If you’ve been to Buenos Aires, you’ll recall that its a big, big city with lots and lots of buildings. Everywhere. Not as crazy as São Paulo, but pretty buildinged-up regardless. The shots of the city in the film paint a much darker view of the city I saw. However, I was on vacation in summer: Sunny days, sweltering heat and lots of drinks. The characters in the movie are living their own personal dull versions of hell. Very different versions of BA for sure.

It’s so cute in Spanish! Image via

Mariela, the woman, is living alone again after breaking up with her boyfriend of 4 years. She has a couple weird eccentricities, but she’s mostly a sad yet beautiful girl searching for her own Where’s Waldo (yeah, there’s a Where’s Waldo theme. Actually a “Donde esta Wally?” en español). Martín is an agoraphobe who is also a web designer who takes photographs outside as going-outside-therapy. They share a wall and an undying hope for love and life outside their small, caja de zapatos apartments.

It’s definitely a hip indie flick, but a pretty cool one from an exciting Argentinean filmmaker Gustavo Taretto that deals with love in our modern age of connection and technology. We’re so connected through wires and waves and computer screens, that somehow the real world and real people seem too much to handle sometimes, even though you could be having a great time with someone really geographically close to you! Sidewalls is a real good look into quarter-life crisis of 20/30 something Argentineans, because it shows that we all are soooo much more alike than we are different. Everyone sits around on the internet, all over the globe! What a day and age!

Also, the film lacks machismo that seems to plague almost every movie in Spanish I’ve ever seen. There’s no “I’m a man, I can fuck and please any woman I want, even if I have a wife. But if she does, Imma go apeshit!!!” It steps outside of those stereotypes about latin men and women and shows two people just being two people in the world. It’s refreshing.


There is one cringe-worthy part though: In the rolling credits, Mariela and Martín have a semi-big Youtube video of them singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” A great song as noted in the tearjerker Stepmom, but fo real. No more movie montages with that song please. It’s gonna like, turn us all into people who don’t cut our hair and only wear jean skirts. If I EVER make a video like that…or any of you do… we will have hit absolute rock bottom. Way over meth addiction.

When discs-at-home Netflix is a waste of money

I wish this was a gif where the Netflix envelope dances to funk music with a suit and tie flashing on and off of him. Someone, do it! Image via

I love me some Netflix. Fo’real. Granted, it used to be a lot better, like when they had an account with Starz and their CEO, or whoever runs the show over there, didn’t fuck everything up yet. (Qwikster… YIKES, dude. Seriously? A ‘w’?)

But I am SO BAD with keeping up with my queue. By the time the movie I wanted gets here, which is like a week later when I finally decide to return the movie I haven’t watched but want to get rid of, I’m uninterested. It’s a sick game.

You really have to be in the right mood to watch a certain movie. If I wanted to chill and watch something funny but instead had a Nazi war crime film, it might be really difficult to get back to the person I was when I ordered that movie. This modern world moves at such a fast pace, that I can barely pass my ample part-time gal free time watching something I recently wanted to see.

Is the internet too entertaining? Definitely. Should I feel bad that I waste $10 a month on maybe watching A movie? Probably. But there are always those surprising fits of energy when you sync up with your queue. It’s fucking beautiful. You’re excited to see the red envelope in the mail. You rip it open. GAHHH it’s your first Clarissa Explains It All disc! Success! Or you’re in a depressive, destructive mood and just want to watch something so horrible like The Diary of Anne Frank (Yeah, there are a lot of movies about Nazi Germany).

All I know is, it’s kind of nice to have this non-problem problem. It’s like those sit coms from the 50s, where there were no actual problems that weren’t super harmless, like a dog eating homework or Ritchie forgetting to cut the grass before the Sock Hop. If this post was more like a modern day actual problem, it would probably go like Meth: The benefits they’re not telling you. Not gonna lie, I’d totally read that blog. Meth + blogging is probably going to be the next big thing. (Or has it already happened?) Although I don’t know what people on meth are like. Blogging may be out of reach.

Listen: New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle”

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This is one of those songs that you know you’ve heard, but can’t place where from. Probably from everything. Movies, stoned kids’ basement, a particularly hip store. Take a listen to a great song, and my latest wish-I-had-an-ipod-hookup-in-my-car-god-dammit track.

PS: Try a New Order Pandora station. HOLY SHIT.

“Bizarre Love Triangle” by New Order

It 80s-ly reminded me of the song “Pop! Goes My Heart” from the Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant movie Music and Lyrics. Now I see they are nothing alike, but in my head they were way more similar. I totally like that movie. There’s nothing super SUPER great about it, but it feels fresher than your run of the mill romantic comedy. Plus there is pop music everywhere, and the soundtrack has some originals that are baller too.

Netflix nightcap: Pop music live shows and documentaries

Image via Netflix

Somehow I stumbled upon a pop music search while browsing Netflix for a sweet little nightcap. In it I found the weirdest mix of pop music docs or live performances. None of them look particularly, good except Madonna: Truth or Dare because that shit is awesome. I don’t know if I wanna watch the Tina Turner ones. Or even Cher. Usher, maybe. If he’s dancing. Tori Amos? I hear she’s good. The Britney one is a pass (her dancing is all hands)! Check them out here.

Netflix Nightcap: Martha Marcy May Marlene


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This movie is awesome. Elizabeth Olsen is amazing, and definitely did not get this role because of sisterly nepotism. She plays Martha/Marcy May/Marlene soooo well. Her character, M/MM/M got involved in an abusive cult and was gone for two years without really contacting her family. The movie shows her struggle with deciphering between what is real and what is a bad memory from her cult days. It’s hard to watch but that’s what makes it such a good film, because you’re navigating the fucked up story along with M/MM/M.

The creepiness of this movie and the way she got sucked in and brainwashed into a cult resonated with me for a couple of days. To have a film creep you out for that long was really fucking cool. Scary, but cool because it takes a lot of talent from everyone involved in the film to create a story like that. It’s a MUST SEE movie. Put it in your Netflix queue like, yesterday!

Netflix nightcap: Party Girl

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This movie is an instant classic. You know when you listen to a song or meet a new friend and you just instantly know you’re going to be bffs? Party Girl is that movie. Think early 90s Clueless with more clubbing, recreational drugs and 20s future-related strife.

Parker Posey plays this role to perfection. Everything she says is funny, even if it’s not supposed to be. She’s kind of like that in every role she plays, like there’s some kind of wit dripping from every word she says, even though she delivers with ice-cold perfection.

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The movie starts off with Posey’s character, Mary, throwing awesome parties to make rent and have money for her fabulous lifestyle. Quickly she gets arrested and calls her godmother to pick her up. She reluctantly gives her a job at the library she works at. Mary doesn’t really care about the job, until she gets berated by her aunt to give a shit about something. She gets high, learns the Dewey decimal system and begins her transformation from crazy party girl to chic professional.

Of course there are boys boys boys involved! Mary has a crush on the Lebanese falafel guy she orders from everyday. Wearing one crazy outfit after another and trying to learn Arabic, their relationship flits along throughout the movie as she continues to figure out how to become adult-y.

This movie is hilarious, 20-something coming of age, fashionable and best of all it has heart. Instant favorite and definitely a Netflix diamond in the rough.

Movies: “This is 40” makes 40 look like the new 34

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This movie looks really good. Judd Apatow anything is usually a safe bet. This is 40 is the kind of sequel to Knocked Up, but centers on Pete and Debbie’s relationship as they turn 40.

Paul Rudd is fucking fantastic always, and Leslie Mann is beautiful and awesome as a 40-year-old hot lady. Seriously, these people make 40 look like the new 30. Growing up is so easy for us. 30 is the new 24, and 40 is the new 30. 50 is 50 and 65 is the new 38, but with free time and no student loan payments.

Check out the trailer. I’m glad someone is making 40 look realistic but not so stupidly pathetic. Nothing ever HAS to be pathetic at 40, except like cosplay maybe, and still living with your parents.

Yay 40s!

Netflix nightcap: In the Land of Blood and Honey

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Watching genocide unravel is never an easy movie to pick up. Angelina Jolie wrote, directed and produced In the Land of Blood and Honey based on the Bosnian war in the 90s. In an interview, Jolie explained the intrigue that brought her to write a film on what happened in Bosnia. “This was, you know, the worst genocide since World War II in Europe … What were we all doing? And did we do enough? And why do we not speak about this enough?” 

Image via wikipedia

The movie, as it was rumored to be, is not about a woman falling in love with her rapist. It is a startling love story between two people on different sides of the war. The man is a soldier who fights for the Bosnian Serbs, and the woman is Bosnian Muslim. Their love story begins before the war and continues through countless atrocious moments throughout the film. The dynamic between the two is so strange that at times you don’t know whether she is his prisoner or girlfriend.

At any moment throughout the film you feel like someone is going to get raped or murdered. It’s shocking to see society unravel so quickly to the point where soldiers who were civilly taking women on dates are now raping them in front of an audience of women and men. As terrible as it is to watch these things, it’s even more terrible to know that worse things happen everyday throughout the world. How many genocidal conflicts are happening right now? How many women are being raped and beaten? How many men are being killed because of their religion? The film raises these questions in the ever-present absence of the UN and the US during this conflict that ended so many lives in Bosnia.

The point of this film was to inform us about a gruesome war that many people in our country, and maybe worldwide don’t know much about. It’s not everyday that genocide is as popular as what happened in Nazi Germany, as many genocides throughout the past century have gone unnoticed by popular culture.

If you’re in the mood for a good, heart-breaking film that focuses on genocide and war, this is the film for you.

Check out the trailer for In the Land of Blood and Honey