Listen: New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle”

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This is one of those songs that you know you’ve heard, but can’t place where from. Probably from everything. Movies, stoned kids’ basement, a particularly hip store. Take a listen to a great song, and my latest wish-I-had-an-ipod-hookup-in-my-car-god-dammit track.

PS: Try a New Order Pandora station. HOLY SHIT.

“Bizarre Love Triangle” by New Order

It 80s-ly reminded me of the song “Pop! Goes My Heart” from the Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant movie Music and Lyrics. Now I see they are nothing alike, but in my head they were way more similar. I totally like that movie. There’s nothing super SUPER great about it, but it feels fresher than your run of the mill romantic comedy. Plus there is pop music everywhere, and the soundtrack has some originals that are baller too.


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