Celebrité: Robert Pattinson hates Perez Hilton

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“When I got this part, every single article that came out, was, ‘R-Patz’s struggle for credibility!’; I don’t understand who invented that thing, ‘R-Patz’, I want to strangle them.”- Robert Pattinson talking with The Guardian about his nickname and his new film Cosmopolis

Robert Pattinson HATES Perez Hilton, wants to strangle him

I swear Perez Hilton started it. He at least made it mondo popular.

This is both Perez’s dream and worst nightmare to be hated by a teen sensation Twilight cast member. On one hand, someone famous is talking about him. A real ‘dear diary’ moment. On the other, the famous person he creepily fantasizes about  adores say he hates the nickname he more than likely spawned for him. Ya can’t win ’em all, Perezy.

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Movies: 2 Days in New York

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2 Days in New York

WHAT THE WHAT?! Julie Delpy has written a sequel to her 2007 movie 2 Days in Paris, which just happens to be one of my favorite movies ever. The sequel is called 2 Days in New York and chronicles her French relatives going to New York. Chris Rock plays Delpy’s new boyfriend Mingus, as opposed to Adam Goldberg who isn’t back for the sequel as Jack. But from the first movie I can see their onscreen characters not lasting. However, they did have a movie baby, and Delpy’s character Marion lives with their kid.

It’s really cool to see Chris Rock branching out from whatever he was doing before. He hasn’t been in anything corporate/mainstream that I can think of recently. It’s definitely nice to see his face in an indie role. Pretty refreshing actually. In the interview below, he says he thinks of himself as a writer first because of his comedy background, so going into indie films with great directors and freer ideas was a natural decision for him. Cool shit, Chris Rock.

Plus, Julie Delpy is fucking AWESOME. She’s a super talented gal who writes, directs and stars in her own movies. You may remember her from the 90s as the lass from Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke and the sequel Before Sunset. 

2 Days in New York already hit theaters in France in March, and will be at select theaters in the US in August 2012. Yay!!

Check out the neuroses trailers for the movie here, and an interview with Julie Delpy and Chris Rock below.

Movies: Avengers is equally awesome

GOD DAMN this cast is PRETTY. Image via nerdbastards.com

I loved, loved, LOVED how Scarlett Johansson wasn’t overly sexualized as women regularly are in movies, especially action tales. Her boobs weren’t staring you in the face trying to mug you all throughout the movie. They were like a nice hug on a Saturday instead. Captain America had tighter pants on than ScarJo, I swear. Regardless, everyone in that movie looked AMAZING, equally aaaaand Loki is a jerk. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s the perfect theater movie to see. DO IT! It’s already made like a bajillion dollaz. Way to go Joss Whedon!!!

Netflix nightcap: Sidewalls (Medianeras)

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Medianeras: Buenos Aires in Times of Virtual Love

This movie (by Gustavo Taretto) is about two people who live in Buenos Aires, Argentina who both have a lot of phobias and fears, live next door to each other but don’t know each other, and are perfect soul mates. It sounds like something a brunette-haired Katherine Heigl would LUV to star in. But it’s actually a nice look at city living and love that could literally be next door.

If you’ve been to Buenos Aires, you’ll recall that its a big, big city with lots and lots of buildings. Everywhere. Not as crazy as São Paulo, but pretty buildinged-up regardless. The shots of the city in the film paint a much darker view of the city I saw. However, I was on vacation in summer: Sunny days, sweltering heat and lots of drinks. The characters in the movie are living their own personal dull versions of hell. Very different versions of BA for sure.

It’s so cute in Spanish! Image via ionlitio.com

Mariela, the woman, is living alone again after breaking up with her boyfriend of 4 years. She has a couple weird eccentricities, but she’s mostly a sad yet beautiful girl searching for her own Where’s Waldo (yeah, there’s a Where’s Waldo theme. Actually a “Donde esta Wally?” en español). Martín is an agoraphobe who is also a web designer who takes photographs outside as going-outside-therapy. They share a wall and an undying hope for love and life outside their small, caja de zapatos apartments.

It’s definitely a hip indie flick, but a pretty cool one from an exciting Argentinean filmmaker Gustavo Taretto that deals with love in our modern age of connection and technology. We’re so connected through wires and waves and computer screens, that somehow the real world and real people seem too much to handle sometimes, even though you could be having a great time with someone really geographically close to you! Sidewalls is a real good look into quarter-life crisis of 20/30 something Argentineans, because it shows that we all are soooo much more alike than we are different. Everyone sits around on the internet, all over the globe! What a day and age!

Also, the film lacks machismo that seems to plague almost every movie in Spanish I’ve ever seen. There’s no “I’m a man, I can fuck and please any woman I want, even if I have a wife. But if she does, Imma go apeshit!!!” It steps outside of those stereotypes about latin men and women and shows two people just being two people in the world. It’s refreshing.


There is one cringe-worthy part though: In the rolling credits, Mariela and Martín have a semi-big Youtube video of them singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” A great song as noted in the tearjerker Stepmom, but fo real. No more movie montages with that song please. It’s gonna like, turn us all into people who don’t cut our hair and only wear jean skirts. If I EVER make a video like that…or any of you do… we will have hit absolute rock bottom. Way over meth addiction.