Netflix nightcap: Party Girl

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This movie is an instant classic. You know when you listen to a song or meet a new friend and you just instantly know you’re going to be bffs? Party Girl is that movie. Think early 90s Clueless with more clubbing, recreational drugs and 20s future-related strife.

Parker Posey plays this role to perfection. Everything she says is funny, even if it’s not supposed to be. She’s kind of like that in every role she plays, like there’s some kind of wit dripping from every word she says, even though she delivers with ice-cold perfection.

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The movie starts off with Posey’s character, Mary, throwing awesome parties to make rent and have money for her fabulous lifestyle. Quickly she gets arrested and calls her godmother to pick her up. She reluctantly gives her a job at the library she works at. Mary doesn’t really care about the job, until she gets berated by her aunt to give a shit about something. She gets high, learns the Dewey decimal system and begins her transformation from crazy party girl to chic professional.

Of course there are boys boys boys involved! Mary has a crush on the Lebanese falafel guy she orders from everyday. Wearing one crazy outfit after another and trying to learn Arabic, their relationship flits along throughout the movie as she continues to figure out how to become adult-y.

This movie is hilarious, 20-something coming of age, fashionable and best of all it has heart. Instant favorite and definitely a Netflix diamond in the rough.


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