Movies: The Hunger Games is BALLIN’

 The Hunger Games movie was AWESOME.

SO HAWT, all of 'em. Both of these dudes are just stunning beings. Image via

The movie is a quite a bit longer than most action movies, which was really good in terms of telling a lot of what was in the book. You can’t even catch a breathe during the film. It’s not as if it’s too busy and fast-paced, it’s that the movie goes along at a fitting pace that keeps up with the suspense.

Jennifer Lawrence was fucking rad as Katniss.

The trio of actors in The Hunger Games are definitely the hottest trio EVER. And I don’t think Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or that other guy give any kind of shit about it either. They have always been uncomfortable with the spotlight. And I’m pretty much 100% positive they think all their fans are fucking idiots. Which makes me like them more. However, the HG kids seem like strong, solid, smart actors that can deal with the newfound fame in a witty way.

Also, it was nothing in the Twilight realm of romance. It’s there, but it’s not even the two main story lines, which were “don’t die” and “don’t mothafuckin DIE”.

The movie was pretty accurate to the book, with some minor outliers and teeny plot tweeks here.

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One of the things about the movie that I was looking forward to was Capitol fashion. And unfortunately, I think they could have done a WAY better job. The clothes were cool, but crowd shots of the Capitol looked like an 80’s prom with better styled hair. Effie’s outfits were good. I just always imagined really structured, strong pieces with a lot more creativity put into them. If Marc Jacobs could style the next movie, Catching Fire, then we’d have some fucking fashion eye candy while, you know, our souls were being teared out by death for entertainment.

Countdown to the Hunger Games

Welcome, citizens of Panem to the official countdown to this year’s Hunger Games.

Central standard time: 3.5 days and counting to the midnight commencement.

May the ticket and seating arrangement odds be ever in your favor.

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Jennifer Lawrence looks fierce at the Hunger Games premiere


Here’s Jennifer Lawrence looking all sorts of smoldering at the HG premiere. This movie is gonna rock so hard. But maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have tickets yet, I hate feeling so unspecial in crowded places. “PEETA IS BETTER THAN GALE YOU IDIOT! (breaks annoying 9 year old’s arm and her shitty mom’s nose for saying Gale is the best, gets sent to jail and misses the movie with no refunded ticket)” Maybe waiting until the crowd dies down is a smart life choice.

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Celebrité: The Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter

First it was Harry, Hermione and Ron, the loves of our courageous, childhood souls…

Then it was Jacob, Bella and Edward to fulfill some weirdo teen relationship fantasies we all had…

And now it’s Katniss, Gale and Peeta fighting for their lives, families and the future of humanity.

This is SO cool: Capitol Couture

Stunning hair, makeup and fashion. Photo via
Stunning hair, makeup and fashion. Photo via

Is anyone else dying for the Hunger Games movie to come out?! Well, this will hopefully tide you over. This blog is dedicated to Capitol Couture, complete with cover stories, profiles and fashion guides to what the Capitol people are wearing. Amazing! Already we know that Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks, will be wearing 24-carat Steve McQueen peep-toes. EEP!

From what I’ve seen of the costumes in the movie, they hired a phenomenal costume designer.

It looks like a new site, amping up the release of the movie, so we’ll  have to check back frequently to see what else is chic in the Capitol.

Can March 23rd come ANY SOONER?! BAHHHH!!!!

Also, visit District 1 here. This is seriously the best internet interaction for a movie I’ve ever seen. YES.

Movies: The Hunger Games


HOT BITCH Josh Hutcherson as Peeta

After I read all the books in practically 5 minutes, I was sad because it was over, but excited because the movie form is going to be here on March 23rd.

The casting is genius. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss is perfect. Liam Hemsworth as Gale is good (and super hot, F you Miley Cyrus!) But Josh Hutcherson as Peeta is fucking genius. That guy has the exact eyes I envisioned Peeta having. He is beyond perfect looking for this role. And really really really cute. I haven’t felt this way about a threesome since (your freshman year of college, slut) Harry Potter.

If you haven’t read the books yet, what the fuck are you doing with your life?! GET ON IT, STAT! They are phenomenal. Sometimes, all a young adult or old person needs is some serious fascist-revolution-teen-reading-level-kick-ass literature. Suzanne Collins, the author of the trilogy, puts Stephanie Meyer of Twilight fame to shame. Fighting a fascist government to save your family and the lives of your hot boyfriends is way more important than just having a boyfriend. For real.

Hot and amazing Hunger Games cast
Hot and amazing Hunger Games cast