Movies: The Hunger Games is BALLIN’

 The Hunger Games movie was AWESOME.

SO HAWT, all of 'em. Both of these dudes are just stunning beings. Image via

The movie is a quite a bit longer than most action movies, which was really good in terms of telling a lot of what was in the book. You can’t even catch a breathe during the film. It’s not as if it’s too busy and fast-paced, it’s that the movie goes along at a fitting pace that keeps up with the suspense.

Jennifer Lawrence was fucking rad as Katniss.

The trio of actors in The Hunger Games are definitely the hottest trio EVER. And I don’t think Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or that other guy give any kind of shit about it either. They have always been uncomfortable with the spotlight. And I’m pretty much 100% positive they think all their fans are fucking idiots. Which makes me like them more. However, the HG kids seem like strong, solid, smart actors that can deal with the newfound fame in a witty way.

Also, it was nothing in the Twilight realm of romance. It’s there, but it’s not even the two main story lines, which were “don’t die” and “don’t mothafuckin DIE”.

The movie was pretty accurate to the book, with some minor outliers and teeny plot tweeks here.

Image via

One of the things about the movie that I was looking forward to was Capitol fashion. And unfortunately, I think they could have done a WAY better job. The clothes were cool, but crowd shots of the Capitol looked like an 80’s prom with better styled hair. Effie’s outfits were good. I just always imagined really structured, strong pieces with a lot more creativity put into them. If Marc Jacobs could style the next movie, Catching Fire, then we’d have some fucking fashion eye candy while, you know, our souls were being teared out by death for entertainment.

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