This is SO cool: Capitol Couture

Stunning hair, makeup and fashion. Photo via
Stunning hair, makeup and fashion. Photo via

Is anyone else dying for the Hunger Games movie to come out?! Well, this will hopefully tide you over. This blog is dedicated to Capitol Couture, complete with cover stories, profiles and fashion guides to what the Capitol people are wearing. Amazing! Already we know that Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks, will be wearing 24-carat Steve McQueen peep-toes. EEP!

From what I’ve seen of the costumes in the movie, they hired a phenomenal costume designer.

It looks like a new site, amping up the release of the movie, so we’ll  have to check back frequently to see what else is chic in the Capitol.

Can March 23rd come ANY SOONER?! BAHHHH!!!!

Also, visit District 1 here. This is seriously the best internet interaction for a movie I’ve ever seen. YES.

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