Activism at its finest: Susan G. Komen Foundation WILL fund Planned Parenthood

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Way to go internet!!!!

Public outcry, from the announcement that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation would stop funding Planned Parenthood due to bullshit excuses and alleged pressure from the far right, caused Komen to reverse their policy. They will continue funding Planned Parenthood in efforts to provide breast exams and women’s health services to women in need.

Kudos to the Komen Foundation for considering the facts and impact their donations have on the lives of hundreds of thousands of women in the United States. Considering the facts and changing their mind does not make them weak, it makes them human and reasonable. What we need now more than ever is reasonable people and leaders. Good for them.

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You know what, this is some HUGE good coming from the internet and social networking. We CAN make a statement and make our voices heard when something so obviously isn’t right. Women’s health is NOT political.

As Facebook and Twitter are the biggest public platforms to spread information, we can use these tools to our benefit and to make ourselves collectively heard. Much like Facebook uses us for their benefit in selling our information and us as ‘products’ benefit to businesses marketing and advertising.

Good work, social networkers and people of the United States!

Infuriation: People on cell phones

Witnessed at a Chipotle

We get it: You’re busy. You really need to check what your friend Sally’s cousin Jax said about the picture of your dog on Facebook. But when you’re ordering food from a human being who is making your dinner for you, I think you won’t self implode if you look up from your Blackberry and make eye contact.

Fashion: Nasty Gal

One positive thing about personalized internet marketing, on sites like Facebook, is that Nasty Gal ads pop up nearly everywhere I go. And I am totally O.K. with it.

Lita platform boot in Butterfly. $162. So amazing. Photo:
Lita platform boot in Butterfly by Jeffrey Campbell. $162. So amazing. Photo:

I DO spend chunks of free time browsing through their shoes, most of which I could never wear for more than a car ride to sitting down at a party because of a bunion situation and my general lack of being able to wear shoes like this. Maybe someday I’ll have the guts (and the funds) to wear Litas. Le sigh! 

Their clothes are amazing as well. I’ve found multiple faux-fur coats that I love, but they always tend to be sold out or out of my popular medium size. Nuts!

If anyone was having issues styling themselves, pretty much anything on this site is good to go. You’ll be in style heaven and getting compliments like newlyweds: A little bit of jealously mixed with shock and awe.

Vintage, clothes, accessories, shoes, sales (!!!) and a kicky blog to keep you in the fashion loop.

Also, their models are good. Especially Chrishell. I wrote Nasty Gal an email once explaining how much I liked that she looks like a healthy model. She wears the shit out of the clothes she models. Go Chrishell! They emailed me back a very nice letter. Go Nasty Gal!

Owner Sophia Amoruso, I love you. Great style, great store, greatness all around.

Activism: The SOPA Blackouts

I LOVE the SOPA blackouts. It’s an interesting event happening on the internet, a place where it’s rare to have a realtime event. Image

When thinking about the SOPA debacle, my mind immediately goes to money, and a power struggle between the people at large vs. powerful corporations and powerful government officials. What bothers me most about the discussion is that the people holding seats in Congress and the House of Representatives are old. I don’t mean to be ageist, but if these people are as technically challenged as my own parents and basically anyone alive in the 70’s, then do they even know anything about the bills they support, and what they mean for mass communication, ACTUAL freedom of speech and liberty?

The Egyptian protests that were put together using Twitter and Facebook are a perfect example of why the government wants to pass bills like SOPA. Mass communication among the people is a huge threat to government control. What if the government had the power to shut down Twitter and Facebook, maybe during protesting times, under the vaguely written SOPA bill? And even certain news websites, because they were doing and saying things the government simply didn’t like? Is that free speech? Or is it free speech, government-approval pending?

This is not Democrat vs. Republican. Not by a long shot. This is censorship for the masses.

I read today on reddit that the entertainment industry paid Congress 93 million dollars to fast-track a bill like SOPA so they could get control over the piracy issue. Does that even make any sense? As a country, a body of people, is it O.K. that corporations are able to pay our politicians to create or not create certain legislation?  We’re the people, right? Shouldn’t they be working for us?Image

Maybe the entertainment industry should find better ways to sell their products, or (shockingly) try to be innovative, instead of trying to push government censorship in our alleged “land of the free.” Or maybe, the entertainment industry could stop producing movies with that “Get ‘Er Done” asshole and make quality things, that people would actually want to spend their money on. Piracy will always find a way, Jurassic Park style. I believe there is no way around it. Enforcing any kind of censorship in the United States of America is a disgrace to everything we as a people have ever believed our country to be.