Fashion: Nasty Gal

One positive thing about personalized internet marketing, on sites like Facebook, is that Nasty Gal ads pop up nearly everywhere I go. And I am totally O.K. with it.

Lita platform boot in Butterfly. $162. So amazing. Photo:
Lita platform boot in Butterfly by Jeffrey Campbell. $162. So amazing. Photo:

I DO spend chunks of free time browsing through their shoes, most of which I could never wear for more than a car ride to sitting down at a party because of a bunion situation and my general lack of being able to wear shoes like this. Maybe someday I’ll have the guts (and the funds) to wear Litas. Le sigh! 

Their clothes are amazing as well. I’ve found multiple faux-fur coats that I love, but they always tend to be sold out or out of my popular medium size. Nuts!

If anyone was having issues styling themselves, pretty much anything on this site is good to go. You’ll be in style heaven and getting compliments like newlyweds: A little bit of jealously mixed with shock and awe.

Vintage, clothes, accessories, shoes, sales (!!!) and a kicky blog to keep you in the fashion loop.

Also, their models are good. Especially Chrishell. I wrote Nasty Gal an email once explaining how much I liked that she looks like a healthy model. She wears the shit out of the clothes she models. Go Chrishell! They emailed me back a very nice letter. Go Nasty Gal!

Owner Sophia Amoruso, I love you. Great style, great store, greatness all around.

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