Are Rihanna and Chris Brown the new Ike and Tina Turner?

WTF RIHANNA?! WHYYYYYYYY??? He sucks so hard. Image via

What the serious F is going on with those two?

You know, the whole world, besides some lame girls on Twitter, is behind Rihanna when it comes to the Chris Brown vs. Rihanna debacle. He has proven he’s a fucking idiot time and time again.

Now, two new songs have surfaced that all but prove Rihanna is a masochist and Chris Brown will seriously not fuck off.

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What IS IT with these two? It’s honestly really disturbing that anyone could return to being friends, or worse being lovers, with the person who beat them (and right before the Grammys, too!). It’s just so confusing. Almost to the point where there’s some kind of zeitgeist of women-beating men who run the music industry and are trying to brainwash us into thinking it’s acceptable and ok to have anger problems, beat women and be marginally talented. People will still give you money! Hooray!

I hate to say it, but I am really, really disappointed in Rihanna over these collaborations. She’s like that good friend you know who just makes stupid, terrible decisions when it comes to men. Like, always and without fail. Don’t go back to an ex, in any way shape or form, 3 years after he beat you bruised and bloody. That’s it. No discussion! Chris Brown hasn’t even done anything remotely redeemable in the time since he beat Rihanna.

Either way, good for them for getting more publicity and anger out of society, and showing women and men that no matter what happens, twisted, dark, sadistic love can find a way. Just what we need!


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7 thoughts on “Are Rihanna and Chris Brown the new Ike and Tina Turner?

  1. I agree that his apology was total b.s. He had a chain made that said oops! which I eindfitely didn’t find funny at all. It makes me so mad that he nearly killed Rihanna and only got 5 years of probation and community service. I also don’t get why he still has so many fans, especially female fans. It’s a very sad commentary on our society that he will probably have a huge comeback album and will remain popular. I hope not but I fear that’s what the case will be. Perhaps I would try to understand his side/past if he had shown true remorse but to me hasn’t at all. He needs to be sitting in a jail cell not in his penthouse.[] Reply:August 31st, 2009 at 9:16 PMIt is also sad that the media is giving him so much positive media coverage. Female fans will forever love him because lets face it some women love to be beaten. They like when a man can take control even abusing them physically. I am sure you might have heard the expression if he doesn’t beat me he doesn’t love me’. Women are to be blamed sometimes.There is no way you can give a guy the impression that lifting a hand can be an option to settle any issue. God forbid this should have happen to any other woman.[]VA:F [1.9.11_1134]please wait…VA:F [1.9.11_1134](from 0 votes)

  2. I don’t condone what Chris Brown did and I am not ainsyg it’s okay. He has suffered in terms of celebrity status, endorsements lost, etc but I think people can’t help liking the song deuces. Honestly, I was never a big Chris Brown fan to begin with but there was some songs I liked and that I listened to. And when the whole Rihanna Chris brown thing came out, every radio station banned and refused to play any of his music which I totally agree on and I even did it mysef, skipping all the CB songs on my ipod. But when Deuces came out, I was like damn this song is hawt oh it’s Chris Brown? Well I’ll listen to it but I still don’t think it’s not right. ..

  3. You believe in love Ophelia? Then you should have a problem with them getting back together, because real love isn’t violent. If he loved her he’d be protecting her, not harming her. If they got married and had kids, what a great example they’d be setting. Then maybe their kids could grow up to find that same kind of “love” – people are so stupid!

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