Still upset with Rihanna and Chris Brown

Ughhhh not this again. Image via

I’m still upset over the recent Chris Brown and Rihanna collaborations. Mostly because I’m so confused by it. I’m still annoyed over douchebag things past boyfriends have said to me, so I just can’t get wrapped around the idea that not only has Rihanna “proven to be over it,” but that she was the one who actively sought out the collabo.

And what the fuck, Perez! seems to be all for the reunion calling it “genius.” You’re a fucking asshole, Perez. I take back my positive ‘On the fence’ score. You suck!

Making peace with the situation and the man who beat her violently is understandable, but working with him and inviting him to sing “Girl I wanna fuck you right now. Been a long time, I’ve been missing you body!” on your record is so literally crazy. Responding with “Remember how you did it? Remember how you fit it? If you still wanna kiss it, come, come and get it.” WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?!?!?! 

GO BACK TO DRAKE. Good, talented people are way more attractive than self-important pieces of shit with anger issues. Image via

Is this Rihanna’s rock-bottom, self-loathing sexual fulfillment or some serious self-destruction?

On top of that, there is speculation that they are hooking up while Brown is in an open relationship with some other shitty person who can only be described as “that idiot” who would date Chris Brown. Why would ANYONE date him?!?! Oh yeah, money and being photographed. Sadsies!

It seems like a sick and twisted ploy for attention/publicity. Lame! If you wanna get back with the man who beat you violently, do it out of the public eye for pete’s sake! It is seriously heartbreakingly disappointing to witness such a talented woman invite this man back into her life.

Take a walk down Chris Brown and Rihanna’s memory lane here.

Celebrité: Photoshop madness, Beyoncé edition

How far is too far when it comes to Photoshop?

The latest photoshop outrage has hit the net in the form of Beyoncé’s lighter-than-usual skin color. The questions begin: Is it just bright lighting, a weirdo and possibly pseudo or fully racist photoshopper, or Beyoncé supported lightening of her skin?

Beyonce, is that you?
Beyonce, is that you?

As far as photoshop regulation goes, the UK has placed a ban on misleading makeup ads, meaning that any celebrity or model that looks flawless and wrinkle-free on beauty product ads are subject to investigation (seeing as we see these women in movies and on perezhilton with obvious wrinkles, but when it comes to selling beauty products they miraculously disappear.) False advertising= huge no-no in Britain. But the deeper sociological question lies in what the message of lighter skinned and physically altered models sends to the public, namely women and young girls.

It’s no new idea that manipulating women’s, i.e. celebrity’s bodies and faces to look thin, wrinkle free and sometimes perfectly robotic, has left an unreachable impression of the female form for the rest of the country, let alone the world.

The question remains in America. With our overly exposed entertainment industry and an undying thirst for everything perfect perfect perfect, when is it time to stop the photoshop? Are the celebrities themselves so hell bent on “having it all” that they insist on perfection in every photo they take? Or is it something deeper than that?

Also, who ARE the people who photoshop black women lighter, models even skinnier and celebrities without limbs? What’s their beef with people as they are? Or is it their upper management telling them what to do? Getting rid of blemishes and cellulite by way of photoshop is understandable, but some of this is undoubtedly taken too far.