Movies: 2 Days in New York

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2 Days in New York

WHAT THE WHAT?! Julie Delpy has written a sequel to her 2007 movie 2 Days in Paris, which just happens to be one of my favorite movies ever. The sequel is called 2 Days in New York and chronicles her French relatives going to New York. Chris Rock plays Delpy’s new boyfriend Mingus, as opposed to Adam Goldberg who isn’t back for the sequel as Jack. But from the first movie I can see their onscreen characters not lasting. However, they did have a movie baby, and Delpy’s character Marion lives with their kid.

It’s really cool to see Chris Rock branching out from whatever he was doing before. He hasn’t been in anything corporate/mainstream that I can think of recently. It’s definitely nice to see his face in an indie role. Pretty refreshing actually. In the interview below, he says he thinks of himself as a writer first because of his comedy background, so going into indie films with great directors and freer ideas was a natural decision for him. Cool shit, Chris Rock.

Plus, Julie Delpy is fucking AWESOME. She’s a super talented gal who writes, directs and stars in her own movies. You may remember her from the 90s as the lass from Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke and the sequel Before Sunset. 

2 Days in New York already hit theaters in France in March, and will be at select theaters in the US in August 2012. Yay!!

Check out the neuroses trailers for the movie here, and an interview with Julie Delpy and Chris Rock below.

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