Clarissa Explains it All, the album

YES. Clarissa as a rock star. I thought this day would never come. Image via


Apparently Melissa Joan Hart as Clarissa from the 90s darling show Clarissa Explains it All RECORDED A ROCK ALBUM. This shit is so fucking awesome. This is the legitimately coolest kid/teen album I’ve ever heard. A hip lead singer, bass, guitar and drums. It’s annoying tween problems like stupid little brothers (we’re looking at you, Ferguson) and a longform version of the famous “na na na” theme song.

The coolest part is you can absolutely picture Clarissa singing and performing in a garage. Oh if only there were a VHS that was unreleased as well. That would make my YEAR.

I’m dying!!!!!!

I’m instantly 8 years old again. With a leather jacket on, a candy cigarette and dancing in my room to a brand new CD. Seriously amazing.

Fashion Icon: Clarissa Explains it All

The absolute, hands down fashion icon of 90s children’s programming, Clarissa Darling.

Rent the discs on Netflix, seriously. The show is oddly smart for children’s shows. That’s how awesome the 90s were. Le sigh.

And her CLOTHES. Inventive, crazy, fun.

This outfit is sick.
We now know where this trend came from. Thanks, Clarissa.
We now know where this trend came from. Thanks, Clarissa.
So true
So true

Why don’t I have the DVDs of this show yet?!