Clarissa Explains it All, the album

YES. Clarissa as a rock star. I thought this day would never come. Image via


Apparently Melissa Joan Hart as Clarissa from the 90s darling show Clarissa Explains it All RECORDED A ROCK ALBUM. This shit is so fucking awesome. This is the legitimately coolest kid/teen album I’ve ever heard. A hip lead singer, bass, guitar and drums. It’s annoying tween problems like stupid little brothers (we’re looking at you, Ferguson) and a longform version of the famous “na na na” theme song.

The coolest part is you can absolutely picture Clarissa singing and performing in a garage. Oh if only there were a VHS that was unreleased as well. That would make my YEAR.

I’m dying!!!!!!

I’m instantly 8 years old again. With a leather jacket on, a candy cigarette and dancing in my room to a brand new CD. Seriously amazing.

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