How a Woman’s Orgasm Can Save a Man via Jezebel


What an amazing picture (so true) and an interesting article on female orgasms and the possible rise of men who feel less like pieces of shit ’cause they actually know how to please a lady.

The comment section of this article is interesting too, because the topic of faking orgasms is brought up. Faking orgasms will make us lose the fight against the terrorists, ladies. Plus it makes dudes think they are good at something they clearly are not. Honesty is key, especially when you’re naked.

How a Womans Orgasm Can Save a Man.

Animal Party: Orangutan and Dog are BFFs


HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Interspecies friendship that isn’t humans and dogs/cats/turtles. AMAZING. Inspiring. Loving. So so so cool. Dogs are the best.

Best friends Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Blue Tick Hound — Animal Talk.