Musical launch in London. Image via

This is so exciting! A Spice Girls musical! They are walking in the footsteps of Abba with Mamma Mia. Pop music really does well on a stage. Let’s hope this time they all don’t crap out on it somehow, like they did with their reunion world tour. Granted, the girls aren’t actually in the musical, but still. They always find a way to butt heads with each other in a totally 90s tabloid sort of way.

“Scary is NOT speaking to Ginger!” instead of “Kim Kardashian televised a fake wedding and used to get peed on by Brandy’s brother!” is so, so tame it’s almost forgettable.

PS they all look REALLY good. I will always prefer their 90s clothing though. I hope the costumes in the musical are fucking SICK. Platforms and union jacks for everyone!

AFP: Viva Forever! Spice Girls reunite for musical.

Fashion: Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack line

Yes please! Photo via Getty Images


My 8-year-old Christmas list consisted of witch’s potion, magic spells, and Spice Girls clothes. Well, one of them has come true. FINALLY.

Geri Halliwell, formerly Ginger Spice or the one who left the group and subsequently ended my childhood innocence, is coming out with her own line of Union Jack clothes for Next. “The Union Jack dress was my favorite stage outfit and with everything that is happening this year such as the Olympics and the Jubilee it just felt the right time to design an updated version of the dress for my range with Next.”

They BETTER sell this stuff at H&M or Urban Outfitters. It’s our collective childhood dreams come true. Now all we need are some sick platforms and 4 friends to get this shit started. Girl Power, woooooo!!!!!!

Can we get a big designer to do an actual Spice Girls-inspired line? I would spend my yearly salary on it. Which isn’t saying much, but I would regardless.

Remember how everyone always wanted to be Baby? I had a sports bra so I had to be Sporty. She’s great and all, but I’m girly as fuck so it didn’t gel. But if you had a blonde friend, they “had to be baby”. Jerks! And now I just want to be all of them. So I will be. Ahh. the joys of growing up.

Here’s “Say You’ll Be There” for your nostalgic enjoyment.

Rumour has it: Spice Girl Reunion… depending on Posh

Those were the days. Platforms! Photo via
Those were the days. Platforms! Photo via

Oh COME ON Posh Spice!!!

Rumour has it that Posh Spice is keen on joining the rest of the bunch for a couple of shows for the Summer Olympics in London, but she’s so busy with her fashion lines that she doesn’t know if she’ll have time. Cripes!

Granted, reunion tours are never the same as when the group was at their height. Maybe because their wardrobe isn’t the same anymore. I want to see union jacks and platforms EVERYWHERE.

I don’t know about you guys, but I remember the day I heard on the radio (yes the radio, back when they actually had breaking news) that the Spice Girls were breaking up. I was sitting in the back of my mom’s van, around 9 years old, and I cried my eyes out. I honestly don’t know if I could ever forgive Ginger for leaving the group. Still.

Unfortunately during their short-lived reunion tour, The SG didn’t come anywhere near where I lived. Plus I was in college with no money. Boo!

Let’s hope Posh will find it in her heart to commit to some Spice Girls shows. And come to me so I can fulfill a childhood dream.