Wish List: Natural Garnet Ring Gemstone by Delezhen

When oh when will I have the funds to buy beautiful things like this? (OR when OH! when will a person come along who obsessively wants to buy me things, and only wants my hilarious company over coffee on Tuesdays in return?! Dreams, people. Dreams.)

Natural Garnet Ring Gemstone Ring Gold Ring Bezel by delezhen.

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Look out, Etsy. Lilyshop lets you post homemade goodies fo’ free

Image via lilyshop.com

OOOO!! A handmade, online market throwdown! Not really, but can you imagine the furious crocheting?! Needles and tangled string EVERYWHERE! Like a muppet murder mystery, but with a business-saavy edge.

Meet Lilyshop. Like Etsy, she’s an online marketplace to sell your homemade goods. But unlike Etsy, you don’t have to pay a listing fee, and you can list and re-list as many items as you like. However, they do charge a 5% sales fee only on sold items, which is nice for those of us who make questionable crafts we think people will buy but they never do. Read: Regretsy.

I’m not sure how long Lilyshop has been around, but this no upfront fee seems like a pretty smart move. There’s nothing people love more than posting free crafts to sell! (Just kidding, but it’s a definite plus) Being able to post this or this or this and not have to pay anything if it doesn’t sell is a God send to struggling craftspeople around the globe. Who knows, maybe the paper mache belts and handbags made of Zac Efron photos will hit it big one day!

Pro-uterus crafts at Etsy. F you state rape and woman hating legislation!

Image via etsy

Oh my God. YES. With all this enraging abortion talk, the sparky gals over at etsy have made some amazing crafts centered around our most prized possessions: Our uteri. Amazing! Check out the best ones over at Jezebel.

Legislators Got You Down? Cheer Up With Uterus-centric Stuff from Etsy.

Fashion: Summer fashion wishlist

I can’t wait to wear dresses EVERYWHERE. Sunglasses, sandals, wedges, boots, BAHHH!!!! The snow and ice has thankfully given its final bow and I can’t even deal with springwear right now. I WANT SUMMER. BBQs, laying in parks, the SUN?!

Racerback Wrap Dress

Image via Nasty Gal

Vintage 1960s Glasses

Image via etsy

Gallista Platform

Image via Nasty Gal

Emmy Cutout Dress

Image via Nasty Gal

Surface to Air printed silk shorts

Image via brownsfashion.com

Blythe Silk Blouse

Image via jcrew.com

Aubin & Wills Carraville cotton and linen-blend mini skirt

Image via net-a-porter.com

Madeleine Tote by Chloé

Image via barneys.com

Artiste: Louise van Terheijden

My first Louise van Terheijden print. Photo: Louise van Terheijden via Etsy
My first Louise van Terheijden print. Photo: Louise van Terheijden via Etsy

Louise van Terheijden is one of my newly discovered favorite favorite favorite artists. Her pieces have a subtle and beautiful personality that she describes as being “colorful, transparent and poetical.” She is from the Netherlands and creates all her pieces in her own studio.

I love all of her work. I asked for one print for Christmas, and my brother gave it to me. It is beautiful. Take a look at her Etsy page. Her personal website goes into more detail about her past work. It’s written in Dutch, but you can still navigate the page and take a nice stroll through her work. It’s worth the temporary language confusion.

If I had no economical restraint, I would buy all of her Etsy prints. Curse you, terrible economy! Pick up a Louise, so we can be art buddies.

Titled "Don't Look Back". Such a beautiful sentiment! Photo: Louise van Terheijden via Etsy
Titled "Don't Look Back". Such a beautiful sentiment. Photo: Louise van Terheijden via Etsy
"Making a Dog", because who doesn't love dogs?! Photo: Louise van Terheijden
"Making a Dog", because who doesn't love dogs?! Photo: Louise van Terheijden