Listen: Robyn “Include Me Out” and “In My Eyes”

Image via soundcloud

GOD DAMN do I love Robyn. She is so fucking awesome and authentic, which is a strange combo for such a famous and amazing pop star. I would definitely want this girl on my side in a fight. Or to talk to about a breakup. Or anything really, because she’s that fucking cool.

Me being lame as fuck, I only had her album “Body Talk Pt 1” and self-titled “Robyn.” In a fit of boredom genius, I decided I should finally download the second installment of her Body Talk albums. It’s similar to “Body Talk Pt 1” obviously, but just as fucking good.

I also LOVE In My Eyes. It sounds so fresh. Like cucumbers and sequins. Robyn is the fucking SHIT.

Miley Cyrus channels coolest chick in pop Robyn with new hair

Image via The Superficial

Her hair looks EXACTLY like the strands of the coolest bitch in pop, Robyn!!! I dig it. I support any former Disney star doing something else besides hair extensions and substance abuse. Kudos, Miley!

Robyn is a gift to humanity. Image via

Obviously, if you’ve been reading gossip rags via cell phone all day at work like everyone else in the first world, you’d know that Miley Cyrus is fucking bored. Not like a bored-because-it’s-Sunday-and-all-of-my-friends-are-hungover-bums type of bored, but a deep-seeded boredom that stems from a ridiculously rich girl who can’t find a place in the mainstream market anymore. Sadsies!

What’s going on with Miley:

  • She’s engaged to Liam Hemsworth which I can only cringe about (I’m sure he’s a great guy, but if I married the doorstop that I dated at 19… it’s too dark to even joke about) but at least she has something to plan, even if they ARE super young.
  • She’s obviously experimenting with her style.
  • Shopping.

Aaaaand that’s about it for ol’ Miley! Someone get her a indie comedy co-starring William H. Macy before she becomes another can’t-stop-watching underage party girl trainwreck. This will be a fun one to watch.