Jennie and Peter F divorce.

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For the first time ever, I didn’t feel ultimately crushed by another celebrity divorce. I actually sighed a sigh of relief for Jennie, and I have no idea why because I don’t necessarily like or dislike Jennie or Peter. It was more because two people were married, had children, were happy and then separated. After a really long separation, they decided to divorce.

Normally, I feel sad about yet another Hollywood breakup. But this one was different. Peter and Jennie weren’t all over the tabloids for their entire weak ass relationship like Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, etc.

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P and J had kids, were quietly being human beings somewhere in California and were married for 11 years. Marriage years in Hollywood are like dog years. So they were technically together for 77 years. And then they figured out that they couldn’t be together anymore. It happens. And at least this time there was a lot of thought and consideration involved instead of an 18 million dollar paycheck, Kim. 

I’m happy for Peter and Jennie. Starting anew. Good for them. I mean, after so much thought put into their divorce, one can only assume this decision will make them both happier people. To say that love is a mystery is an understatement. We go in and out of lives, love, lust and loss. and that’s life. It’s beautiful, beautifully hard but its ours and we gotta get through it.

So, Jennie and Peter, I dedicate Daniel Bedingfield’s “Gotta Get Through This” to both of you. You can do it.

Infuriation: Celebrity marriages and divorces

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  • Demi Moore is in the hospital while Ashton Kutcher is drunk and partying at fashion shows and a Florence + the Machine concert in Brazil. (What the fuck is wrong with Ashton Kutcher. He’s gross.)
  • Kim Kardashian will reveal the moment she broke things off with Kris Humphries this Sunday on E!
  • Tabloids are making things up left and right and Katy Perry and Russell Brand: Sex addictions, drinking problems, tell-all books, etc.
Yuck. A cheater is one of the lowest form of humans, right above murderer and twilight fan. Photo via
Yuck. Take all that money girl. A cheater is one of the lowest forms of humans, right above murderers and twilight moms. Photo via

Breakups are super gross, for real. But the divorce rate in Hollywood disgusts me. It’s nearly every week some other marginally talented celebrity is getting press because their relationship is crumbling due to crazy infidelity, or the fact that they didn’t really know each other in the first place.

Can you imagine MARRYING someone you had only known for a year? Let alone six months? I’ve had iffy relationships with crappy hair dryers longer than some celebrities get married and divorced.

Relationships and marriage are very, very hard work. I won’t sit here and judge people who couldn’t honestly work out their differences and decided to get a quiet divorce. But when real-life marriage and divorce seems like little more than something to fill the tabloids and get a quick paycheck, one starts to wonder what the real motives are behind these fanatical relationships in Hollywood. (COUGH COUGH Kim Kardashian!)

This story line is SO played out, Hollywood. Like, shitty Katherine Heigl romantic comedy played out. Can’t we go back to plastic surgery accusations or something? It’s a little less soul-crushing than constant divorce battles.

What do you think about marriage in Hollywood?