On the fence: Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj. Loud, weird, split-personalitied. What’s her deal? I’m leaning off the fence with her antics and uninteresting career. Let’s give her a good look.

The Evidence

She made a name for herself by doing feature spots on lots of successful songs, namely “Monster” by Kanye West. Her part in that song is so fucking rad. She was getting “50k for a verse” when she had “no album out.” That’s pretty awesome. +5 

Embarrassing and tired. Image via obama.net

Her Grammys performance was tired. The Catholic church thing has been done by Madonna, Gaga, Sinead O’Connor, etc. Not to say that only ladies growing up under Catholicism can perform using Catholic imagery and metaphors, but it’s just a tired concept. It’s boring. It’s no longer shocking or edgy to dance suggestively while criticizing Catholicism. It’s been done. A BILLION TIMES. Next! -2

The split personality thing is exhausting and a little mentally frightening. It seems like a cheap marketing ploy and a creatively busy subject. Sure, Madonna reinvents herself. But that floats along with an album. Is it too much to deal with multiple personalities on one album? Beyoncé’s Sasha Fierce was way cool, but Garth Brooks’ split personality Chris Gaines pretty much ended his career. Nicki’s personalities are hard to keep up with, especially this early on in her career. Is one personality not enough to keep Nicki Minaj’s career afloat? -3

Her style always looks as if she’s trying to out-gaga Gaga, and also like she’s just putting on crazy shit for the sake of putting on crazy shit. Musicians tend to dress a little cray though, so it’s nothing really new or specific to Nicki Minaj. Her style is just annoying. 

Does anyone else think that's an unflattering pose. Image via http://www.xxlmag.com

Ahh, the hip hop feud. Yes. You’re coming right along, Nicki Minaj! Granted, Lil Kim probably started this one to garner press for her non-existent career. The “hip hop” feud is kind of a right of passage into the world of hip hop and beyond. If you’ve ever been to rap battles or simply listened to hip hop or rap, it’s a sort of art form lyrically speaking within the genre. Biggie and Tupac did it, 50 Cent and Ja Rule, Jay-Z and Nas, etc. So what’s wrong with the ladies getting into it? Besides, who knows how deep many of these feuds run. After what happened to Biggie and Tupac, many of these “beefs” may be mostly for publicity. Red meat kills! 0

Plastic surgery? Ugh. It’s so passé. Gaga’s got a nose and she fucking rocks. The nose job, the alleged butt implant?! WTF is that anyways? It’s hard to take people seriously and to see them as “real” when their bodies are created in a surgical room? Embrace yourself, don’t break and remake yourself. Aight? -2

Her new song with David Guetta is a definite departure from hip hop into electronic pop. But can she actually sing, or is this a bunch of auto-tune baloney? Because she sounds exactly like Rihanna in the chorus. You wouldn’t know this was Nicki Minaj until she started rapping in the short bridge. Exploring different genres is cool, but this song is kind of a bland and easy foray into pop music money. 

Speaking of POP, Nicki just signed a deal with Pepsi to be the spokeswoman for their new product, creatively called Pop. Amazing marketing, as it’s apparent from her David Guetta collab that she will indeed be dipping a toe into the money mountain that is pop music and pop music’s endorsement deals. I foresee a lot of four-chord song variations with edgy yet radio-friendly rap spurts and an obligatory Kanye/Drake/whoever the industry tells us is “hot” collab. It’s not like this isn’t what happens on every pop music album, but as a probable genre switcher from hip hop to pop, I’d expect a little more creativity. 

Honey, no. Image via mojosteve.blogspot.com

The Score


A lot of my scoring comes from my honest inability to find anything that Nicki Minaj does interesting. Her weird outfits are nothing new, fashion forward or exciting. Her features on other people’s songs are awesome, but her album Pink Friday was only OK. And her split personalities are lame. She’s exhausting and confusing. I will be surprised if she is still around in 5 years.

3 thoughts on “On the fence: Nicki Minaj

  1. Totally agreed. She creeps me out, and not in the awesome, shivers up my spine Gaga way. And she’s just plain boring – nothing she’s done is really innovative or groundbreaking, it’s like she’s just a chameleon to every other actually great diva that came before her (the aforementioned Beyonce, Madonna, etc.)

  2. FYI 🙂

    Nicki’s split personalities are a reference to Monarch programming. This kind of split personality/ doll/ shattered self/ puppet or mannequin imagery and behaviour is being promoted everywhere right now by the corporate music/ fashion industries.

    Whether or not Nicki is actually programmed herself (who knows?) is not the issue because MK Ultra, Trauma Based Mind Control is well documented already and many people continue to speak out about it.

    The reason why so many of these highly paid ‘artists’ (AKA Fame Monsters AKA Sell Outs) are now promoting blatant split personalities in a ‘fun and playful way’ is because the music industry and Hollywood etc want young people (the next generation) to accept and embrace multiple personalities as normal and even ‘fun’. They want multiple or shattered personalities and dissociated states to become a normal part of mainstream culture, so that future generations won’t freak out about (or even notice) MK Ultra style mind control (or trauma induced DID) when they see evidence of it in other people such as celebs or politicians … or perhaps even in themselves.

    If you can’t hide something which is serious and bad – just redefine it as good or fashionable. Problem solved!

    These days nobody makes it to the top on the music industry (Rihanna, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce etc) without selling out big time and becoming a puppet to the forces which ‘create culture’.

    Over the last decade these corporations have even managed to persuade us that selling out to them is not only acceptable but even something desirable. Even in the late 90’s the public used to sneer at manufactured boy/ girl bands (the industry even used to try and pretend these manufactured bands had been ‘discovered’). And if an artist did corporate sponsorship they were a considered a corporate whore – NOT a serious artist. But these days selling out to corporations and licking their backsides is considered the WAY TO MAKE IT. And thanks to so called ‘Reality TV’ and talent TV shows, selling out in order to ‘be famous’ is what most kid aspire to do now.

    When the youth willingly surrender their minds and souls to faceless corporations and let these corporations control youth culture and dictate what’s fashionable, well guess what? – the corporations take full advantage of this huge power!

    The result is a mainstream culture full of corporate fascist propaganda…. and a population who are mostly too dumbed down to even notice.

    I think Minaj is talented. In a parallel universe where music wasn’t controlled and where she hadn’t sold out I bet she’d be 100x more interesting as an artist and as a persosn. Meanwhile in this reality she’s just an empty shell being used to spread low vibrations to the masses…

    Now look what you’ve done – your post has made me do a rant! LOL 😉

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