Netflix nightcap: Muriel’s Wedding

You'll fall in love with Muriel instantly. Image via

Muriel’s Wedding is one of those movies that you maybe see every other time you browse Netflix. I’ve always thought it looked interesting, but not the kind of interesting that makes me instantly click play. Like a lazy Sunday morning kind of interesting.

Image via

However, I just finished watching it and it is fantastic. The amazing Toni Collette is Muriel, a 20 something gal who hasn’t really done much with her life, listens to ABBA constantly, is attractively a little chubby and gets into all sorts strange yet believable situations. Her BFF is Rhoda, played by Rachel Griffiths. Both actresses are so young and so, so good in this movie.

Muriel’s Wedding is quirky, before quirky was cool and then ruined by too many skinny people wearing and sayin ironic things. Made in 1994, this movie is a sweet, sad, exciting and lively tale set to the music of ABBA. Can’t go wrong there!!

Watch it here on Netflix Instant.


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