Oscars fashion 2012: Hits, misses and hot messes

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The OSCARS!!!! I love the glamour, the excitement and the true stars with talent gracing our television screens for their work on the big screen. The majority of the time, entertainment gets so wrapped up in trashy reality shows and socialite sex tapes. But tonight, the true entertainers get recognized for their work in the greatest films of the past year. Congratulations to all of the nominees, I wish all of you could win.

A HUGE perk of the Oscars is the red carpet. George Clooney in a bowtie? Yes please! Björk in a swan dress, amazing. The Oscars is as much an awards show for film as it is a fashion show. The best dresses in the world, and unfortunately some of the worst, are on display for the world to drool over on the red carpet. Let’s see how our favorite film stars fashioned this year, and who’s stylists are getting fired tomorrow!

***Hits, misses and hot messes of Oscar fashion 2012***

Hit: Jessica Chastain in McQueen

Beautiful colors. The top of the dress looks like a regal, fantasy corset dripping in gold. The dress looks really great with her skin tone, and her hair is perfect for this dress. Win!!!!

Image via celebuzz.com

Hit: George Clooney and Stacy Keibler

Ahh, the golden couple. They look fabulous. I imagine it can be hard to dress as a couple, but holy moly! They look all sorts of hollywood glamour with happy smiles on their faces. Stacy’s dress alone would be a little too much 80s homecoming queen, but paired with Clooney’s amazing suit, the look WORKS and they just look fabulous together. Keibler even tweeted that she feels like shes going to prom!

Image via celebuzz.com

Hit: Jonah Hill

LOVE Jonah Hill’s all black tuxedo and side part. Perfection!

Image via tmz.com

Hit: Rooney Mara in Givenchy

Meh. Her red carpet interview was boring, which kind of ruined looking at her dress. But after examining via photo, I like that she’s wearing a white dress. It’s a change up from the dark persona she’s adopted throughout the promotion of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The dress really looks like a vintage futuristic piece that mimics a rib cage. Super interesante.

Image via celebuzz.com

Hit: Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

First, what a beautiful color. Coraly-red amazingness.Vibrant and different than a lot more muted colors that seem to be associated with Oscars fashion. The peplum dress is soooooooooo perfect, elegant and fun for her. I just wanna stare at this dress, it’s that beautiful. Showstopper, just like Marilyn.

Image via celebuzz.com

Hit: Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer looks amazing in this dress. The dress is beautiful with intricate beadwork and a perfect shape. Stunning.

Image via celebuzz.com

Hit: Tina Fey in Carolina Herrera

This is probably the best Tina Fey has ever looked on a red carpet. Another peplum dress that simply stuns so well. Custom-made for Tina Fey too. Work it, gal!

Image via celebuzz.com

Hit: Jean Dujardin

Handsome. SO SO SO handsome. I want to crawl up his face and kiss him forever. Le sigh!!! The bowtie is all over the place for the Oscars. But there’s just something about Dujardin that makes it so much better.

Image via celebuzz.com

Hit: Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep, goddess. This gold, sparkly dress is absolutely fantastic. How can you not describe all of the Oscars dresses as glamourous?! This one takes the cake.

Image via dailymail.co.uk

 Miss: Sarah Hyland in Alberto Ferretti

I am SO not a fan of this dress. The different straps look messy and cheap. Definitely a dress you could find at some discount prom store. Come on, Sarah! Fire your stylist. Or get one.

Image via celebuzz.com

 Miss: Viola Davis

I do not like this dress, which is weird because I think she looks good. Her hair color looks amazing contrasted with the dress. However, the color of the dress reminds me of children’s bright, playroom carpet, and the changing textures throughout the dress are sort of reptilian and frighten me. Eeek!

Image via celebuzz.com

Miss: Natalie Portman in Vintage Christian Dior

I hate saying Natalie Portman is a miss. Because she looks fucking great. It’s just the polka dots on the dress that I despise for a red carpet event like the Oscars. I love love love the necklace, jewels, hair and color of the dress. She looks like perfect hollywood glam-from the neck up. However this dress would be better for something like a movie premiere. She still looks so, so stunning despite the polka dots. I can’t get over the polka dots.

Miss: Emma Stone

Yes, the bow is definitely overkill. The dress isn’t that bad itself. The color is nice and the fit is good. The bow does her in!

Hot Mess: Sasha Baron Cohen as the Dictator

Jerkface! Showing up to the Oscars and spilling Bisquick on Ryan Seacrest. What an annoying marketing ploy for his new and probably not that great movie The Dictator if it’s anything like Bruno. I can get behind lapels and military-inspired design, but this is so over the top and unsavory. Can’t we have one, glamourous night without turds?

Image via eonline.com

 Overall, the dresses and outfits were glamourous and a lot of stars looked really beautiful. None of the looks are amazing-amazing, though. Not quite disappointing, lots of great color, but no dresses that will really have people talking. Where’s Björk when you need her?!

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