When will Paul Rudd get a star on the walk of fame?

Image via fanpop.com

I think it’s about high time Paul Rudd got a star on the walk of fame, don’t you?!

My first Paul Rudd experience was him as a socially and politically informed college student and Cher’s stepbrother in Clueless. After that, I can’t remember a time Paul Rudd wasn’t in our lives. Whether it was in movies or through his stint and Phoebe’s husband on Friends, one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, it seems like he’s always been there for us.

He’s also got a new movie coming out with Jennifer Aniston called Wanderlust (Here’s our Friends reunion, yay!) that looks really funny. He’s been a staple in comedy films and television that spans 3 decades, with starring roles in pretty much every major comedy film. I Love You, Man?! Come on! Comedic bromance gold! He even helped create one of my favorite Netflix picks, Party Down. If that’s not reason enough, then I don’t know what is!  

Paul Rudd, you'll get your star someday. Image via wellbeingmatrix.com

Although I unfortunately do not know Paul Rudd, he has kept himself out of the hoopla of the Hollywood party and gossip rag scene, which is commendable. And he seems like a genuinely nice guy. If he somehow turns out to be a super turd-face actor-type, then there is no God, and Paul Rudd shall be deemed the best actor ever because he’s kept up that schtick his entire career. (It’s not true though, I just know it!)

He’s definitely one of the most liked men in Hollywood. I mean, have you ever heard anyone be like “Dude, I fucking HATE Paul Rudd.” If you ever cross anyone who says this, they probably hate puppies and chocolate malts, too. Get as far away from that person, forever. They are an alien here to destroy humanity, earth and life as we know it.

It’s no secret that comedy and comedians don’t get the same recognition as dramatic actors, which is such a pity because the ability to make someone laugh is equally as important as making someone cry.

So, I beg the question, when is our fabulous Paul Rudd going to get a star on the walk of fame?!


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