Television: Party Down

Are we having fun yet? Photo via
"Are we having fun yet?" Photo via

I first was made aware of Party Down in early 2011. If you have Netflix and have yet to see this show, it is an absolute must.

It follows the lives of caterers in Hollywood, all hoping to make it big someday, but stuck waiting at crazy events. The show, insanely, got cancelled after only two seasons on Starz. However, the show was so popular among fans (despite getting axed) that a movie is said to be in the works, a la Arrested Development.

Our fave Adam Scott, who you may know as the amazing Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, plays Henry Pollard in Party Down which is, in my humble opinion, Scott’s best character to date.

Other stars of the show are Jane Lynch before she was stolen to be on Glee, Lizzy Caplan, Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr and Megan Mullally.

The show was created and written mostly by, John EnbomDan EtheridgePaul Rudd (!!!!!) and Rob Thomas. John Enbom is said to be working on the movie script as we type this. YAY!!!

Photo via
Ryan Hansen is super hot. Bring him back please. Photo via

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