On the fence: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift 

The first time I watched anything dealing with Taylor Swift was a performance of “Should’ve Said No” where she had a costume change and ended her performance under a rain machine. Besides being a little pitchy, that performance rocked and I decided to check out her album.

But then came the Kanye-VMA debacle. It gave the gossip and entertainment mags something more interesting to talk about, you know, other than the Paris Hiltons or whichever socialite was being a general annoyance to the American public. Kanye got way too drunk and interrupted Swift during an acceptance speech for Best Video, which was obviously rude and spawned a year of never ending internet memes.

The Evidence 

What I thought was unsavory about Swift during this debacle was that West’s mother Donda died less than two years earlier, and Kanye hadn’t stopped working since then. Cue, spiraling out of control. He issued countless apologies on countless crappy tv shows, all of which Swift half-assedly accepted, as she looked as thought she enjoyed the free press more. 0

Swifty rips her shitty, metrosexual ex-boyfriends new b-holes after they dump her via text message. +2 

Her backup bands have the worst hair imaginable. But that’s not her fault. 0

She is always writing songs about having a broken heart, and is starting to sound like a broken record-1

Great hair. +1

She has great, classy style, and a new spread and cover for Vogue. +1 

She covers a new song relevant to the city she is touring in. Way cool. +1

Her surprise face. -1 

The Score

Taylor comes out with a +3 advantage. Her style and penchant for embarrassing guys who totally deserve it is way awesome. However, she really should do something about those backup dancers’ hair. Yuck.