Television: The Mindy Project

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At first I was not that interested in The Mindy Project, because I’m one of those bitches that judges a book by its cover. The name of this show screams reality competition for people named Mindy. It would be filled with people who have frivolous pill addictions, leave their husbands for a middle aged guy with frosted tips, and dream to someday be on the cover of People Magazine. Also, the idea of ANOTHER medical show (In The Mindy Project, Mindy is a doctor. Doctor office hijinks ensue)? Good god. I’d rather get a yeast infection in my butt. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Mindy Kaling and all of her wonderful work as a writer on The Office when it was still good. But going purely off the title of the show and the premise, I was definitely underwhelmed. And I was totally wrong.

Mindy, in the show, is obsessed with romantic comedies. She’s a little like her character Kelly from the Office: obsessed with pop culture, girly things and a little nutty about dating. But this time she’s a doctor. She’s got her professional life together, but she just WANTS A HOT, GOOD DATE GOD DAMMIT that turns into the love of a lifetime. And shit gurl, we all know how hard that is to find. The Hugh Grant we want IRL is not the Hugh Grant that actually exists IRL. Sometimes charming, cute, successful dudes like transvestite prostitutes. These are the days of our lives.

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After watching the first episode, I have to admit that there is something endearing about a successful woman like Mindy’s character Mindy who, despite society and everyone she knows saying “ROMANTIC COMEDIES ARE NOT REAL LIFE, IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN,” is still hoping for that special meet cute with the perfect man. I have friends like that. I’d like to think that even in the deepest, darkest shell of a human being, there still lies hope for the greatest meet cute of all time. It’s something that lies in all of us, despite our moments, weeks, months or even years of relationship cynicism. We all want our lobster.

Anyways, the show is a funny and light-hearted take on girls obsessed with finding that perfect meet cute followed by a lifetime of happiness. You watch the show “knowing” it won’t happen, but kind of hoping it does, just like real life! Besides, after you watch the first episode and hear her drunkenly yelling “I’M SANDRA BULLOCK!!” and then getting arrested, you’ll be into it. Plus, Mindy Kaling is writing and starring in this show. What’s up with all these talented hunnies getting tv shows (Yo Lena)?! So fucking cool. At least Hollywood is doing something right with TV.

The Razzies: Best awards show ever!!

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Forget the Oscars, it’s all about the Razzies! (Just kidding, I’m obsessed with the Oscars)

There are definitely some actors, actresses and films that need to be recognized for their absolute shit-tasticness. All in gooooooood, humbling fun.

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This is where the Razzies come in. Awards are handed out for the worst of the worst films made over the past year and the worst performances. It’s genius. With all the pompous attitudes that ooze from Hollywood-types, it’s more than refreshing to see horrible, million dollar choices get what they deserve.

And let’s face it: Making movies that witty 6th graders would scoff at and still getting multi-million dollar salaries totally warrants the fun-poking of the Razzies.

It’s also a chance for stars to show off their humorous and humble sides when it comes to the complete crap some of them make each year. ‘For money’ projects. Please! What a life. I’m pretty sure most of us would make shitty movies too in-between our more serious roles. A cool 10 mil for I Know Who Killed Me 2: Heaven’s Vengeance? Yes please. Where do I sign?

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It’s really, really awesome when the stars who receive Razzies for their lesser-acclaimed roles show up and accept them in person. In 2009, Sandra Bullock accepted the Worst Actress Razzie for All About Steve the same year she won the coveted Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side. How cool is that?! She may be the best person in America.

2012 Razzie Nominations

This year, 90s funny guy Adam Sandler has broken a Razzie record, with a staggering 11 nominations for his film abomination Jack and JillI’m glad it’s been recognized that movies involving playing more than one character are not okay in any way, shape or form. Do you hear that, Eddie Murphy? STOP IT. Unless it’s Jimmy Fallon, because I could embarrassingly get behind that, only if his Robert Pattinson ‘Bothered‘ skit was involved.

Check out the Razzie noms here! Our fave Alaskan Sarah Palin got a nod too. Woo!!