Netflix nightcap: Half Nelson

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Ryan Gosling picks really great material to work with. His work in 2006’s Half Nelson was amazing and a really good preview of the work he would do over the next 6 years.

Half Nelson is the story of a drug addict 8th grade history teacher who makes an unlikely friendship with Drey, one of his students, after she catches him smoking some crack in the girls locker room at school. The movie isn’t predictable and captures the life and story of an addict without a bunch of overplayed stereotypes. Definitely a worthwhile flick.

Thumbs up Ryan G.

Ryan Gosling Tumblr Luv

Ryan Gosling is the internet’s little prince. If it weren’t for cats and pictures of cute animals, he just might be numero 1. Luckily, some dedicated Ryan Gosling fans have spent their time creating amazing tumblrs in honor of the cute, sensitive and very talented actór.

Ryan wins. Sorry puppy. I feel terrible.

He likes rollercoasters.

There’s nothing better thank Ryan Gosling wanting to make babies with you.

Look at that sweet, psychopathic smile. Luv him.

I guess RG likes crafts.

Listen: Kavinsky’s “Nightfall” feat. Lovefoxxx

If you’ve seen the movie Drive with cutie Ryan Gosling, you may have been salivating at the soundtrack just as I was. Here’s the track, “Nightcall” that played wonderfully throughout the movie, featuring Lovefoxxx from the awesome Brazilian band Cansei de Ser Sexy or CSS (translated means ‘tired of being sexy’).

THIS SONG ROCKS. It takes you back to the 80s in the most awesome, synth-y and vocoder-y way.