Netflix nightcap: Half Nelson

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Ryan Gosling picks really great material to work with. His work in 2006’s Half Nelson was amazing and a really good preview of the work he would do over the next 6 years.

Half Nelson is the story of a drug addict 8th grade history teacher who makes an unlikely friendship with Drey, one of his students, after she catches him smoking some crack in the girls locker room at school. The movie isn’t predictable and captures the life and story of an addict without a bunch of overplayed stereotypes. Definitely a worthwhile flick.

Thumbs up Ryan G.

3 thoughts on “Netflix nightcap: Half Nelson

  1. While it was definitely intense, I still really enjoyed Half Nelson as well! I’m continually impressed with the Gosling’s range of work. Have you ever seen United States of Leeland?

      1. I don’t know if I would say cool, necessarily. I mean it’s an incredible film, but it is honestly one of the most emotionally draining and intense movies I’ve seen in my whole life. Seriously. BUT it is great.

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