Celebrité: Whitney updates and celebrity drug abuse

Whit! Photo via joemygod.blogspot.com

It’s being reported that Whitney Houston was found in the bathtub and that prescription pills were also found. Allegedly, at this point the theory remains that she took a Xanax and either overdosed or drowned. She was supposed to attend Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party.

Her mother, Cissy Houston and her aunt, singer Dionne Warwick talked to her just 25 minutes before she was pronounced dead. They said they didn’t suspect anything, as they all chatted about Davis’ party and other things.

Celebrities and drug use

We miss you Amy! Photo via amazon.com

I can’t help but wonder who the next celebrity will be to lose their life after a battle with drugs. And yes, I swear everyone’s first thought is Lindsay Lohan. After Amy Winehouse and now Whitney Houston, it will be astonishing if Lindsay Lohan doesn’t try to seriously clean up her act. Sadly, I think she’s too far gone and surrounded by terrible people (her parents and enablers).

However, I won’t judge drug users, because I don’t know what it’s like to be addicted to a dangerous substance. They’ve obviously got their own demons to deal with and surely don’t need another blogger judging them for it (although one wonders if you could ever ‘tough judge’ someone like we can give ‘tough love’. I don’t think it works that way). True addiction is a cold, hard bitch.

LL at Paris Fashion Week in 2010. It's sad that we can only say "Remember how good she was in 'Mean Girls??'" Photo via imnotobsessed.com

Can you even imagine being able to get literally whatever you want, at any moment? Having that much power and money that whatever you want will be yours, and ‘no’ doesn’t exist in surrounding vocabularies. It sounds quite scary to me. Especially if one is lacking a good, stable close-knit circle of family and friends.

In pondering what can be done, I come up blank. These stars seemingly have everything: the latest high fashion, flawless nails, skin, hair and bodies. The mansion with the cars. Their pick of gorgeous men/women to love on. But time and time again they have proven to us that no matter what you physically have, nor the amazing rehab facilities you are sent to, it can’t replace a good head on your shoulders and people who dearly love you, and who you dearly love back.

Maybe Lindsay should be forced to work on Glee. Those kids seem like good, clean fun. They could be a good influence on her! But really, she’d end up getting vegan Lea Michele to eat goat cheese and get kicked off the show. It’s in the cards.

God save the Queen drug-addled celebrities.