Listen: Candyman “Knockin’ Boots”

Oh my god. Wait until the woman kicks in, you will most definitely know some version of the song, whether it be from the original (as far as I can tell) 1977 version or the Janet Jackson and Shaggy version (yikes, what a combo). Either way, I knew this song from the Shaggy/JJ recording and was pleasantly surprised to discover, like most songs from the 90s, that it had a couple predecessors that far outreached the latter version’s potential. The chorus is one of those rare batches of perfection, because it is so recognizable and has been sampled like a snack tray at your rich cousins wedding. This shit stands the test of time.

Off topic:

Fuck Janet Jackson for not being in the “Luv Me Luv Me” video with Shaggy. I mean, I get it. It IS Shaggy. But Shaggy was a legend for like ALL of middle school. I guess karma served her due to the fact that she hasn’t had a hit (that I can remember) since “All For You“, which is a great song but an awkward, very dated music video. I cringe at early aught video concepts, i.e. “super-fly urban gals” and “holy shit, millennium robots!” and money wasted on suuuuuper dumb effects that were probably really cool then but just make us uncomfortable now. However, I’m sort of glad our awkward, preteen years over the turn of the millennium were coupled with an awkward society in general.

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