Olympics: What the fuck NBC!!!

Image via extratv.com

NBC is SO dropping the ball with the Olympics coverage of London 2012.

First of all, why would they want to impede ANYONE from seeing the beauty that is the olympic athletes? Good lord, those men and women are supa fine. Ryan Lochte, however mundane yet innocent his twitter feed may be, is one good lookin’ piece of gold medal history. And the swimmers! Ye Shiwen just broke a world record AND was faster than all the boys, all at 16! (Of course now there are doping allegations. But fuck that until it’s proven bitches, cuz ladies rule and boys are slow)

Second, the Olympics are a world game. It’s supposed to be a global celebration of sport that we can all enjoy and root for our countries. But how are we supposed to do that when NBC has the absolute worst producers ever? I don’t wanna watch Jeopardy Kids in the middle of the day. Where are the game reruns bitches?! Thanks to not being able to mold my schedule to the shitty NBC scheduling of the Olympics, I missed women’s gymnastics which is THE SHIT. Who knows how many countless people are feeling the same strife.

I bet they use Internet Explorer over at NBC. Figures. Image via fitperez.com

Now, you’d think “Hey, it’s the age of the internet! They must be live streaming and uploading videos of the games to rewatch constantly!” NOPE. In an attempt to show my friend the AWFUL London opening ceremony, I was aghast. The footage was nowhere to be found. Not on NBC’s website and not in any pages I could find in the days following the ceremony.But lo and behold, Beijing’s was on NBC’s website. Thank God, because that’s fucking relevant!

On top of that, you have to have a specific cable subscription to live stream on the internet. Is NBC in such bad shape that they can’t afford to live stream the Olympics?  Would they not make more money from running live streaming internet ads? Who dropped the ball on this?! It’s 2012 for God sakes. You can watch your neighbor jerk off on a webcam, but for some ungodly reason you can’t find good Olympic coverage on the internet. SO. LAME.

Let’s hope another big network gets the games next time, because this is excruciating. Feel free to voice annoyances over at their lackluster twitter!

6 thoughts on “Olympics: What the fuck NBC!!!

  1. Lol without men you would be screwed, we’re smarter, faster, stronger. But I appreciate you for giving us pleasure after we’re done running the world for the day.

    1. you a weak ass mothafucka if you have to talk about women like that to feel good about yourself. only strong, intelligent men know how to treat a lady right. and that ain’t you bitch

      1. really you sound like the biggest hyprocite right now. in your article here you’re calling them “boys” and how they’re slow, etc. I’m pretty sure most of the male swimmers are full grown adults. of course im going to say something like that to get back at you. but besides that, I’m 6’2 190 lbs strong, and have a high paying job. so don’t play that card either

  2. jokes. exist. this is the internet afterall. and come on, don’t use your physical and material attribute to talk yourself up bro. love yourself for who you are, not what you have.

  3. Yeah i was joking too… See what I did there?

    You told me I wasn’t intelligent or strong, of course I’m going to defend myself. Not really talking myself up just saying who I am

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