Music: St. Vincent was so KICK ASS

St Vincent First Avenue May 12, 2012
LOVE HER SO MUCH. Heavenly! Image via ME

That girl can seriously fuck around with a guitar. No joke.

The St. Vincent concert on a fanciful Saturday night (May 12) at First Ave was so so so cool. Annie was amazing to watch on stage. The way she played the guitar looked as cool as anybody could look playing guitar. Her hair was beautiful and curly, and moved around as she shredded the guitar like one mothafuckin’ lady. She seriously slayed. If you ever have a chance to see her, GO. The voice, the instrumentation, the everything is solid gold.

The crowd that night, however, was so LAME. WAY too much plaid, way too many people who don’t dance or move at concerts. Um, hello!! If you’re at a rock show, you dance and jump around. How would you feel performing for a bunch of non-moving, plaid and fake glasses-wearing hipstas? St. Vincent even jumped into the crowd for some crowd surfin’ acción, and they DROPPED HER. Either everyone was really stoned on bad/very chill weed or they were nervous, awkward concert virgins who didn’t know you should get drunk at rock shows. Patches of people on the crowd were having a good time though, as were my friends and I. Dance on your own if nobody else is, I say!

Take a listen to this little piece of heaven. Seriously, she melts me.

St. Vincent “Surgeon” acoustic for Spin Magazine

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