Mind blown: The Smiths lyrics to “How Soon Is Now”

Image via latinorebels.com

I was first introduced to this song by the theme song of “Charmed”, just like probably 95% of everyone our age. It’s haunting, and very witchy. Maybe I can only relate it to being supernatural because of the tv show. Maybe not.

(Still listening to New Order pandora. Blue Monday is such a goooooooooooood fucking song. Who remembers hearing this one by Orgy in the late 90s first? The absolute worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Holy shit. So bad. I swear this was on TRL.)

I always though the lyrics were I am the sun and the air instead of the actual lyrics I am the son and the heir. There are no phonetic differences that I can hear at all. There’s no way to tell! I feel jipped! He so clearly says two words that both have double meanings. It’s mind blowing.

You guys?

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